Review – The Girl Who Punched Back – Angel Lawson


The second installment of the Death Fields Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Series
The Girl Who Punched Back

Three months have passed since Alexandra traveled through the wasted death fields to reach her sister, Jane. There’s no resemblance to her former life. No college. No best friend. Her mother is dead. Her father and her friend, Cole, toil away in the labs of her sister’s research facility, working to create a vaccine for the virus that ravages the living.

Hope for a cure is dampened by the growing society Jane has developed. Armed troops fill The Fort, and the only way Alex knows how to keep an eye on her sister is by joining the elite Fighter army led by Wyatt, a mercenary and deadly soldier. Some days, Alex considers him a friend. The rest of the time, she’s unsure where his loyalties lie. The truth is, Alex isn’t always sure about herself, either.

All Alex wants is to right the wrongs of her sister’s dangerous meddling, but Jane has bigger plans than vaccinating the survivors. Alex and her allies quickly learn that rabid cannibals are not the biggest problems facing mankind, but at what lengths will they have to go to save the world?





Silver Stars 5


Following on 6 months from the ending of book one, Alex is still fighting off the eaters. It’s not an easy life, but she’s relatively safe, has regular food, and a roof over her head. She’s also in a relationship with Cole (I totally ship her with Wyatt), and is wary who she trusts.

Let’s be honest, I don’t blame her. after a few revelations at the end of book 1, I’d say her choices are justified.

The pace is just as fast the first, but it’s all set at the same time. No jumping between Alex’s present day and the lead up to it. I kind of missed that, but her back story has been told and all that’s left is her journey forward.

We meet a few new characters in book two who really add to the story and help Alex on her fight against the eaters and in her quest to find out the truth. We also meet up with some old characters who I both liked and disliked. Although this book has a much larger cast, it never feels overcrowded and each character is pivotal to certain parts of the story. Lawson manages to individualise each and every one of them.

I kinda need book 3 now…


Book Releases March 10


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