Review – The Girl Who Shot First – Angel Lawson


The Girl Who Shot First-The Death Fields- A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

The last time Alexandra Ramsey sees her scientist father, he tells her to wait two weeks for him to return. If he doesn’t, she and her mother must locate her sister, who is over three hundred miles away in one of the states under quarantine. Assuming she survived, that is.

The virus spreads through the southern states, infecting the healthy and turning them into raging, cannibalistic versions of their former selves. Dr. Ramsey has spent months studying the E-TR Virus, seeking a way to stop the annihilation of the human race. Before he disappears, he hands Alexandra what may be the most valuable information in existence. Information that more than one powerful group will go to great lengths to possess.

Alexandra is no match for this world—one where men and women’s brains burn with infection and a compulsive need to spread the parasitic virus that could potentially wipe out mankind. The weak are a liability, but she made her father a promise. It’s a vow she intends to keep no matter how many lives are lost on the way.

*The Girl Who Shot First was formerly published under the title Zocopalypse.*





Silver Stars 5


On the whole, I’m not a huge fan of zombies – be they in books, in films, or on TV, but I am a fan of dystopia and from the first page of this book I was hooked.

Written in both present day and ‘before’, we are told the story of a virus outbreak from Alex’s point of view. She has more ties to the outbreak than most main characters, but she doesn’t know as much as people think she does. When she does learn about things and her links, we as the reader find out with her, and it’s as much of a shock to us as it is her.

There isn’t a huge cast of characters, but those that we do meet are essential to Alex’s journey and survival. I was particularly taken with ‘LabGuy’.

The main draw, for me at least, about this book was the fact that the zombies (or eaters as they’re known) weren’t overtly graphic and gratuitous. Maybe that’s because this is more of a YA book than anything. They were believable and in some places, I sympathised with them. The virus was beyond their control.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book – so much so I downloaded it to my 12 year old daughter’s kindle – and I can’t wait to read the next in the series. (I also have Fangirl on my kindle, and will be reading that too as I didn’t realise this was a companion to that!)



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