Review – Penance and Promises – L. A. Cotton

Seven years ago, Ana Parry walked into Chastity Falls Academy and changed the lives of Jackson Pierce and Braiden Donohue. Her arrival set into motion a series of events that none of them could have ever predicted.

But they got out.

Escaping Chastity Falls, they left behind a life built on lies and secrets, danger and fear.

… Didn’t they?

Penance will be served, promises will be made.
Welcome to the end of Chastity Falls.




Red Stars 4

Well, it’s finally over. I have left Chastity Falls for the last time and it’s a bit bittersweet.

While it was great to have another book, it was only a novella and let’s face it. That’s not enough to revisit these characters. It’ll never be enough.

Jackson and Ana are happily settled, until Braiden and Cara show up. While Ana loves Cara, but she’s still unsure and wary about Braiden – who can blame her after everything he did back in college? Even if he is trying to change his ways because of his feelings for and new relationship with Cara.

But, naturally, Braiden’s past catches up with him – and Jackson. Althought Jackson still has his reservations about Braiden and how much he has ‘really’ changed, he still has the loyalty to their long-standing relationship as brothers and best friends, so he helps Braiden in protecting Cara.

Reading more about these characters and being invited back into their lives is like meeting up with a friend you haven’t met up with for a while and talking as if no time had passed at all between you. Cotton knows and loves these characters so much it’s clear in her writing that she cares about how they’re presented to the reader, even when they’re being total assholes. She wants us to love them, and make it hard for us to say goodbye.

Chastity Falls has ended, but so many readers I’ve spoken to have ideas as to what is happening to them after the book has closed. We care about them and want them to live on, even if there are no more books about them.

A great ending to what has been a fabulous series, one that I will re-read more than once.



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