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Addison is a typical teen, who worries only about the relatively insignificant things in life like; college, friends, boy bands and passing her driving test.

Little does Addy know, life is about to put her to the test when she becomes the object of an addiction, an infatuation and an obsession on a level she cannot begin to comprehend.

As the weather turns frosty and the icy season draws in Addison finds that, someone she assumed to be a relatively innocent secret admirer, is taking things to the next level and their thoughts are colder, darker and more sinister than the freezing winter nights.

But how do you stop a faceless, nameless stalker when even authorities can’t find the culprit?

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“Excuse me, Addison, are you even listening?” An irritated Mrs Auberry breaks into my spinning thoughts and I blink.
“Yes, sorry.”
“Well your client has just been telling you what style of short cut she would like. You’re biggest concern right now should be making sure you work to her satisfaction. Customer service is everything. You can’t just stand there daydreaming when she is instructing you as to what she wants!”
“I’m sorry,” I repeat to the client who simply purses her lips through the mirror.
“I should think so. Now, why do you think I’ve suggested a shorter cut when she has already said she wears her hair long? Did you even hear me advise her on a short cut? Or were you off in Lala-Land then, too?”
“I was listening!” I protest.
“You could have fooled me,” she rolls her eyes, lifting dead strands of the client’s hair for me to examine. “What else did I advise, beside a short cut?”
“A moisture treatment,” I reply, sounding very bored as I cross my arms. I look at the broken, dry and brittle hair I’m supposed to try and restore. I’m a trainee hairdresser, not a fucking magician.
“Well done!” Mrs Auberry exclaims, her tone laden with sarcasm that I can’t stand. I’m sick of her talking to me like I’m a damn idiot. “To say you’ve missed three classes this week you would think you’d come back to lessons with some enthusiasm to actually learn. In the future it’s going to have to be you who offers clients like Sarah today important advice.” With a shake of her head she goes back to lifting and examining Sarah’s hair.
“Here’s some advice for you,” I say to Sarah through the mirror, “stop bleaching the living fuck out of your hair and it won’t curl up at the root and die!”
Her mouth falls open, but not as wide as Mrs Auberry’s, who has gone ghastly white and is speechless, so I simply take her hand, putting my scissors into her palm.
“You’re the expert, you sort it. Looking at that birds nest of a fro you’re gonna need all your expertise to make that resemble anything even remotely healthy looking.”
With that I turn on the spot and, at speed, walk out of the trainee salon before Mrs A can even get a word out.

*´¨✫) Author Bio *´¨✫)

Helen J. Barnes is the author of the DJ Series and has recently moved into Romantic Suspense with her novel, Nameless. When not supporting her husbands DJ career and home educating her 3 children, Helen enjoys reading and blogging. She has an addiction to chocolate, Tom Hardy, The Walking Dead and anything related to Titanic.

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