Review – Our Walk to Remember – M. C. Rayne


For the Robinson-Shae family, an annual charity walk means more to them than any expensive holiday abroad. After all, it’s where Elisha’s fathers met, and this year it’s even more important to her. Sammy couldn’t make it this time, so she asks Charlie to share memories of how they met, and fell in love.



Red Stars 5

This is a re-release of a wonderful novella. I read it when it was first released and loved it, now all this time later, I still adore it. It’s subtle, beautifully written, and full of emotion that draws a tear to the eye. Please, if you only read one M/M book this year, read this one.

My original review is:

I had the honour of pre reading this story before it was submitted to the publisher, so my review is based on that (until I can buy the book)

Rayne does emotional angst well, and this shines throughout this story which takes us on a tearjerker of a wander down memory lane as Charlie tells Elisha her favourite stories about himself and Sammy and how they met.

The subject matter is one that isn’t common in books, which is a shame. We all now know that HIV isn’t catching, or that ‘gay illness’ as it was perceived in the 80s. Rayne deals with it in a delicate way that doesn’t shove it in your face every 5 minutes.

A wonderful debut


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