Review – GirlsQuad – J. A. Heron


They say, ‘opposites attract’.
Some would disagree, but these four women couldn’t be more different if they tried.
These best friends have different lives, different aspirations and different outlooks on life and the way it should be.
However, they do share a few common denominators – they all work together. Every day, they earn their living by working in a hair and beauty salon, where fun is the top style of the day.
They also live in the same little village; quiet, peaceful and where not a lot happens.
They’re all feisty and love each other fiercely.

This lady is sweet, kind and extremely loving. At thirty-nine years old, she is still looking for love and hopes to find the love of her life and have children before it’s too late. She’s the salon owner, a business woman and everyone adores her.

A feisty and fun loving forty-three year old. The oldest of the group is married to her soul mate and has three children. She’s not one for mincing her words or holding back on her opinions.

At twenty-seven, this lady is known as the serial man-eater. Her lifestyle frustrates the rest of the group, but they love her even though she spends her weekends with a different man in her bed. She believes in sex without strings or commitment.

The baby of the group. This nineteen year old is a little ditzy, crazy and loves easily. She has a way of making the rest of the group laugh without even trying. Her comments and attitude towards life is innocent and admirable.

Follow these ladies through a journey that’s packed with fun, happiness and heartache. This story will leave you smiling, feeling happy and grateful for the life you have. GirlsQuad is coming for you, and you will be able to relate to at least one of these characters, if not all of them. Everyone has a friend like Clarissa, Brenda, Carla or Davina.
What is the most important thing in life? The answer is friendship.




Red Stars 4

I was given a copy of this book by the lovely J. A. Heron in exchange for an honest review. I’ve known the author for a while now, having met online, and finally in person, but that doesn’t make me bias in any way.

I have to admit, when I started this book and saw that it was split over four different character point of views, I was worried. A lot of authors who write multiple POV often confuse the reader, but Heron didn’t. She somehow, from the very get go, managed to give each woman her very own voice and personality. It was easy to read the book without having to constantly check who was narrating which chapter. It’s not easy to do that, so kudos!

Each woman come of the page as real. Real in the sense that she has faults, she has vices, she has her little idiosyncrasies, and her good side. These women are just like any of your friends (or their wives) who you’d go to the pub with, or out shopping. They are REAL PEOPLE and that’s the draw of this book. Clarissa’s the ‘boss’ – in that she runs the salon they all work in, but she’s a worrier. However, she’s much stronger than she thinks. Brenda’s the hard talking mother of the group. She doesn’t suffer fools, but makes some mistakes – especially towards the end of the book – for the right reasons. Carla’s the maneater- she’s looking out for number one, and enjoying the ride as she goes along. Davina is the only real ‘cliche’ in that she’s a ‘dumb blonde’, but she’s such a sweetheart, it’s hard to look at her in a cliche way.

The pace of this book is great and there are never any moments where the reader thinks ‘oh just get to the good stuff’ which kept me reading whenever I had the chance. In fact, the only real complaint I had was that sometimes the book was a little detail heavy, but with four women, what do you expect. Let’s face it, we notice EVERYTHING!!

The dialogue, while a little over formal in places, was great, and really showed the friendship and love these women shared, especially when they are facing real problems. They support and are there for each other, but aren’t afraid to put one another in their place when needed.

A great read, and I can’t wait for book two!






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