Review – XS: The Interview – J. C. Clarke


His name is whispered behind the hands of many gossiping women.

The way he pleasures a body leaves you craving his touch, his words, and his breath. The way his eyes bore into yours, you want to look away, but you can’t. He controls every part of your being while you’re in his domain. And when you leave, you feel bereft, but sated.

Who is this man they speak about?

Megan Brayer has the chance to interview this elusive gentleman. Will the answers he gives to her questions satisfy her curiosity?

This is the first book of many short stories. Each story will tell its own little story and can be read as stand alone.

Xs: The Interview is just over six thousand words.

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Being just over 6,000 words long, XS: The Interview, is a real quick read, but it certainly isn’t forgettable.

We meet Xavier and Megan, as they settle themselves in at a cafe for an interview. Nothing interesting about that, well… When you realise that Megan is interviewing Xavier about his job. A job where he is paid to sleep with women.

Let me be clear, he’s not a prostitute or an escort. He is helping women discover their sexuality and their likes/dislikes – a sex guru if you wish. Now, I can write all this without giving anything away, but that’s all you’re getting.

I have to admit, I expected Xavier to be cocky and full of himself, but he’s not. Megan is just as surprised by this as I was, and it’s interesting to see her get over her preconceived notions of him as the story moves forward. He’s very matter of fact and honest about what he does, and why he does it. It makes him very likeable.

If you’re looking for a quick read that is just the right amount of steamy, but not in your face, then XS is right up your alley. The only issue is that it’ll leave you wanting more Xavier.

So, J. C. Clarke, hup to!


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