Review – Devon Destroyers MC – Kacey Hamford


Heathers life drastically changed when her husband was murdered in front of her. Forced to live and work at the Devon Destroyers MC to pay off her husband’s outstanding debt.
With a baby on the way and no place to go Heather would do anything to survive, even play house with someone potentially dangerous.

Blade turned enforcer for DDMC to aid his revenge mission; to find and exact retribution on the MC club that killed his wife and daughter and nothing will stop him. But now this overwhelming feeling to protect heather and her baby is confusing him.

Heather never expected or wanted the life of an old lady.

Blade never expected to want another family.

Neither expected to find love but can they make it work?



Red Stars 3

This is the first MC (Motorcycle Club) romance book I’ve read – I have read a straight MC book which was brilliant), so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened it up. The summary had intrigued me and I was looking forward to reading it. Sadly, I felt it didn’t quite live up to the blurb.

As I read, I felt that the author hadn’t done much research beyond watching Sons of Anarchy. At the time of reading, I had never seen the show, but I have now and the similarities are glaringly obvious. Yet, the idea behind the story was a good one, and that is what kept me reading. I wanted to know what happened to the characters.

Overall, my complaints list is longer than the things I enjoyed. Things such as needing another round of editing as the writing was often showing rather than telling, and the emotion was somewhat lacking. Rather than write ‘knock, knock, knock’ why didn’t Hamford describe the knocking and why it scared the characters? It distracted from the flow of the story. Also, in many places, the language is far too colloquial and reads like someone is speaking rather than conveying a story. This worked brilliantly in the dialogue, which I felt was the strongest aspect to the story, but not so much in the descriptions and narrative. Also, another round of editing would pick up a couple of mispelled words that made me stop reading for a second, particularly the use of the wrong homophone in a sentence.

The characters, particularly Cammie – I have a thing for secondary characters, and Neil, were well rounded, believeable, and likeable (most of time tim, I’m looking at you Prez) which, coupled with the dialogue, kept me wanting to know what was going to happen. Cammie and Neil, as mentioned, were my favourite characters. There was something about the two of them that really boosted Heather into a pretty good main character. Their support obviously means everything to her, and it showed the way she protects them in return.

While the concept for this book really appealed to me, the execution left a lot to be desired, and while I am on the lookout for more MC books to read, I’m unsure if I’ll read more in this series.



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