Review – One More Day – M. Malone


“You’re with the right person when no matter how bad things get, you’d still rather be with them than anywhere else…”

RIDLEY WELLS HAS NO idea what to do with her life now that she’s graduated from college. But when a friend is murdered and her apartment is trashed, she runs to the only person she trusts, her twin sister. No onewill think to look for her in the rinky dink Virginia town of New Haven.

Of course, her luck lands her passed out in the grass in front of resident badboy, music producer Jackson Alexander. Strike 1!

Then she realizes Raina’s out of the country and she has nowhere else to go. Strike 2!

So when the handsome producer with the platinum smile mistakes her for her sister, she gets an idea.

Where better to hide than in plain sight?

WARNING: This book contains cloak and dagger intrigue, family drama, brothers fighting, supermodels with attitude and hot sex between people who can’t keep their hands off each other. Just saying…



Red Stars 3

actual rating 2.5*


I had high hopes for this book, the first in a series, from the summary. I haven’t read many, if any, rockstar books so I went into this one with certain expectations. Sadly, they weren’t quite fulfilled. Not completely anyway.

I have to admit, most of my problems stemmed from the characters of Ridley and Jackson. Let’s start with our hero…

From the get go it’s obvious that he’s a doting dad to his two young sons and a serious songwriter/producer. When we read his POV, it’s very clear he’s not after a serious relationship after the passing of his wife, the mother of his boys. And let’s be real, who could blame him? Yet… I expected more music to be interwoven into the story be it performances or jamming sessions. If he’s such a serious musician, he’s very 9-5 about it which just struck me as odd, almost as if he’s a session or jobbing musician in between work. Having said that, he is very much book boyfriend material.

Ridley… well. I have to admit she was the more irritating of the two. I’m sorry, if someone mistook me for someone else the way Jackson does, I wouldn’t go along with it. I would put them straight with a simple explanation – regardless of how ill or scared I was feeling at the time. It just really grated on me as she lied to everyone. Jackson’s acceptance of her really confused me too. I get that he’s not a cynical man, but to introduce an almost stranger to your family the way he did baffled me. I have a large family, and we welcome near enough everyone, but that just didn’t ring true – especially the way Ridley’s inconsistent with some of the things she tells him about herself – or he believes her to be. For example – she’s staying at his house because she’s locked out, yet once she comes clean about her identity, she’s back and forth to Raina’s house for clothes – It felt weird.

It took her over half the book for her to come clean. Once that happened, the book improved for me.

29% into the book, Ridley is lusting after Jackson. I understand insta-attraction, but this felt a little too serious and edging into the insta-love territory which is something I can’t stand in books. Thankfully, this didn’t happen, yet there was a lot of longing on both sides after they first have sex which got frustrating after a while.

The first chapter where Ridley and Jackson head out to the industry meal together is quite possibly my favourite in the book. The entire thing felt natural and really allowed the characters to get to know each other beyond the misunderstanding a lies, and away from Jackson’s house. It could quite easily have been a midpoint chapter in any other romance book.

The mystery side to the story was far too spaced out in the first 2/3 of the book. I wanted to know/read more about the mystery man who followed Ridley to build up to the big reveal which felt a little anti climactic because I’d almost forgotten about him. The big ‘action scene’ was well written and well paced, but felt too pivotal for the build up. It was almost as if everything else in the story was mere filler for this one moment.

The second half of this book was much better and more engaging, but sadly not enough to make me want to read more of the series. I’m just not interested in learning more about the other characters in the Alexander family.

On the whole, it wasn’t a bad book, but could have been so much better. I don’t quite understand how this series is a best-selling one, but that’s just my opinion. I guess it appeals to the masses. I’m glad it was a free download!



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