Review – Goddess – Josephine Angelini


She must rise, or they will fall …Helen’s powers are increasing–and so is the distance between her and her mortal friends. To make matters worse, the Oracle reveals that a dangerous traitor is lurking among them, and all fingers point to Orion. Still unsure whether she loves him or Lucas, Helen is forced to make a terrifying decision, or risk all-out war. The final book in this heart-stopping trilogy.



Silver Stars 4

I have to admit, after flying through the first two books in this series, I struggled to get into this one a little. While I felt that this story started out stronger than Dreamless, I still felt it didn’t capture my attention from the get go.

I think what confused me were Helen’s memories from past lives. Although they are explained much later in the story, they threw me slightly as they weren’t clearly marked as a different POV.

As I read, the action was building and building, I hoped that this wouldn’t end up the same as Breaking Dawn. Every Twilight fan I know personally, got frustrated with the fact that nothing actually happened. Thankfully, Goddess didn’t fail that way. The battle that is inevitable, is contained. It works very well.

Helen once again is the back bone to this book, but some of the supporting cast of characters step up to the plate and really come into their own. Matt, Orion, Lucas, and even Daphne play pivotal roles in helping Helen save the scions. She struggles with her feeling for Lucas and Orion, as is natural for a teenager her age, special powers aside.

Lucas is also struggling. With the addition of new powers, he’s unsure he’s worthy of much. He also has jealousy issues about Helen and Orion. It’s clear they care for each other, but it was very obvious to me that something is building between him and another character – something that felt much more right than the idea of Orion and Helen together. That coupling never rang true to me.

Overall, Goddess is an excellent ending to this trilogy, but I did find myself left with some unanswered questions.


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