Review – Fragile – J. C. Clarke


Deep down I enjoyed this life, it was fun seeing the different towns. Seven months on the road, five months back at the yard. Day in, day out. Nothing changed except the weather and the accents of the fair-goers.

Until tonight. That’s when I see you standing there, looking back at me when my eyes find you. Even in the dimming light of the day and the harsh flashing bulbs, I see you blush before you look down, looking anywhere except back at me. A smirk creeps onto my face with my thoughts: you look beautiful in your baggy jeans and vest top.

The light captures your black hair shielding your face. I know I need to grab a shower before I head into the pay box, but I can’t seem to tear myself away from watching you.



I had the honour of pre reading this story before it was released, and knowing how personal it is to the author (it’s the story of how she and her husband met), I am not ashamed to say that I cried.

Not just the story, that’s full of hope, but the way in which it is told. Told entirely from Stephen’s point of view, with little to no dialogue, the reader relies on the descriptions that Clarke entices us with.

I could almost smell the oil and other fairground smells as I read, and hear the screams and laughter. The entire book, which is packaged neatly in a quick-read short story, reads like a film script. You can imagine yourself there, an innocent bystander as Stephen and Ashleigh’s story unfolds.

A triumph and yet another string to Clarke’s bow, one of many I know!



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