Review – Friends & Forever – J. M. Darhower


One moment.
One wrong choice.
That was all it took to destroy a friendship.
*takes place before Sempre*

With a three year old.
‘Nuff said.
*takes place after Sempre: Redemption*



I’ve made no secret that I love Darhower’s Sempre books, so knowing that there are companion novellas other than Made makes my fangirl heart flutter.

Friends, as stated in the summary, is set before Haven is brought into the DeMarco household. In Sempre, we are briefly introduced to Nicholas, an old friend of Carmine’s with whom he had a falling out. Friends tells the story of that falling out.

Carmine is back to his obnoxious and big headed self. A boy who treats women like dirt once he’s had them in his bed. It’s because of this attitude that he and his best friend have a huge falling out.

I loved this look back on Carmine, as it rounds out his character and shows the reader why he is the way he is in Sempre.

Forever is at the other end of the spectrum. Taking place after Sempre: Redemption. Our happy couple, Carmine and Haven have their family and are happy, despite everything that has happened to them.

Halloween with a three year old is fun, yet Carmine deals with it the only way he knows how to. With Nikes and bad language. There are very few revelations that are new o the reader about the characters, yet we see a side of Corrado we haven’t seen before in any of the other books.

Maura is the perfect mix of both Carmine and Haven, and I could imagine a book about her teenage years in the future. I think Carmine would lose his shit, a lot.

Once again, Darhower pulls the reader into her world with ease and flair. I could read about these characters all the time.


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