Review – Nothing Like the First Time – Keren Hughes


Carly Summers and Greyston Sterling were each other’s first kiss, first sexual experience, first love, first everything.

They had a love that was made to last. That was until Grey took a job as a freelance photographer that took him to the other side of the world. When it came down to a choice between his career and his girl – he chose the career. He’s travelled the world and seen sights he wished Carly was there to experience. He’s had relationships along the way but nothing meaningful.

Carly has had relationships but nothing that lasted. No-one could compare to Grey.

Now, 10 years later, Grey’s back in town and wants to see if they can rekindle what they had all those years ago. But how can they if he’s engaged to somebody else?

Nothing Like The First Time is a tale of how nothing compares to your first love. There are trials and tribulations Carly and Grey must overcome on their way back to each other… what if they can’t get over the obstacles life throws at them? 


Reading a story about lost love and second chances give many people hope. They begin to wonder ‘what if’ and look back on their own past with a smile.

Hughes’ tales follows teenage lovers after a ten year split that has left them both with a hole that only a certain love can fill.

Fluffy, hopeful, and sexy, Nothing Like the First Time hits all the right spots. The minor angsty plot points never once distract from, what is at heart a love story. They add to the overall well rounded tale and make it that little bit more realistic.

My only complaint is that all the characters are ‘nice’. The cynic in me kept expecting someone to turn on the happy couple and become a bitch trying to split them up.

A great pace to keep you reading. Highly recommended!


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