Review – Dark Evoke (books 1 & 2) V. L. Brock

20758520Seeking Nirvana (Dark Evoke 1)


They say that old habits die hard, and twenty-seven year old, Kady Jenson, is about to discover how true that statement actually is.

Waking up in a hospital room with a complete stranger at her bedside, should have caused panic and confusion, but for a reason unknown to her, Kady finds herself drawn, and calmed by the presence of the rugged, devastatingly handsome man with the pleasant Irish brogue.
It’s when she discovers that she has just woken from a four day coma, with a three year void in her memory, which spawns confusion and panic.

Kady soon comes to realize that things change with time, and not only appearances.

Not only is the sexual chemistry she once shared with her long-term boyfriend, now a long-ago memory, but Kady also begins to unconsciously fall back into unremembered habits, and with each day, the increasing sense of foreboding, becomes increasingly harder to ignore.

Left on her own when her boyfriend goes on a business trip, Kady seeks help from the Irish stranger as they go on a quest together, in a race against time, to piece the puzzle together.


I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Once I received the books, I was warned they were dark reads which intrigued me as I enjoy books with dark and slightly taboo subjects (there are some limits that I will NOT breach).

The opening chapter sucked me right into the story. Why was she in a coma? When was she going to wake up? I needed to know. The following chapters were confusing, but in the way that the reader is just as confused as the main character of Kady. We are sat on her shoulder throughout the story and learn what she learns when she does and are left in the dark when she is.

The more I got into the story, the more I came to realise it wasn’t as dark as I was led to believe. Maybe it’s because I have read some truly disturbing books, both fiction and non fiction, but there wasn’t a point where I felt I couldn’t continue.

It soon became clear what the main topic of the story is, and Brock deals with it fantastically. Thr nature of Kady’s abuse isn’t gratuitous or gory just for the sake of it and shock factor. It is unravelled with sensititvity and respect for those who may have or are experiencing the same. I commend her for this, as it’s not an easy subject to write about.

Kady is, in some ways, a typical victim, in that she doesn’t see what is happening to her until it’s too late, even then she’s not quite sure she believes it. This shows the power Liam has over her, and abusers in general.

Walker… I wanted to crush on him so bad. Not only is he a bit of a knight in shining armour, he’s also Irish (a weakness of mine), but a lot of the time he irritated me. His constant use of ‘aye’ didn’t ring true for me. I come from a large Irish family, but have never noticed anyone use it so much. Also, the use of ‘darlin”. It felt a little forced and I kept picturing a cowboy. Again, from my own personal experience, it’s not a word used so much and so often.

Overall, the story is extremely well written, and the subject matter is dealt with amazingly, but the characters fell a little short for me personally. 3.5-4 stars

23095179Eluding Nirvana (Dark Evoke 2)


Three years lost; a body marred and a mission complete.

Waking after a four day coma, Kady Jenson felt her life was crashing down around her. Three years of her memories were missing, and the compelling man at her side was not her years-long partner, but a stranger – a stranger who promised to help her recover what she had lost.

But how did Kady come to such a place?

What dark, mysterious events stole her past and threatened her future?

How did her lover become a stranger, and a stranger become so terribly important?

What happened to turn Kady’s orderly life into a terrifying nightmare which would leave her permanently marked, body and soul? 


Book 2 starts exactly where book 1 left off, but takes us back in time, to before the accident that robbed Kady of her memories.

In many ways, this book is better written the the first because the abuse that was dealt with in book 1 is much more present in this one. Liam is a nasty piece pf work, and extremely clever. Like many abusers, he starts slow and builds up to an evil bastard.

Again, the book isn’t as dark as I was led to believe, but this book was more of a psychological suspense as we follow Kady. We know the accident is coming up because it’s already happened in book 1, but it’s an emotional roller coaster throughout the build up. The main issue I had was the use of British terms such as ‘nan’ and ‘shagging’ which are not commonly used in the US. While it doesn’t bother me as a Brit, it threw me a little.

Again, Walker is trying to help Kady, but again he bugged me for the same reasons as in the first book. When it came to him being Kady’s anchor, I fell in love with him a little, but I personally didn’t like the way he was a bit too forceful for my liking, but it completely worked for this story.

I actually preferred this book to the first as it answered many of the questions left at the end of book 1, and delved into the backgrounds of the characters more than the first did. I really can’t wait for the next installment of the series to find out what happens to all of them. 4 stars.



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