Review – Frequent Flyers – Various Authors


Romance flies the friendly skies in this diverse collection of short stories from a talented group of best-selling and up-and-coming authors.

There’s something for everyone in this mile-high compilation – from a love story born in a blizzard to a steamy encounter spawned by a series of crazy events. For supernatural fiction fans, how about the tale of an airport that’s also a portal to another world… or a scheduled flight that takes a detour into an alternate reality?

From an unexpected trip that reignites a twenty year old flame, to a quirky liaison between a ticketing agent and an adorable doctor, Frequent Flyers takes you on a journey that will touch your heart and leave you flying high!


Eye of the Storm – Beth Bolden

I loved Tess. She reminded me of so many people in my large Irish family, and I saw some aspects of myself in her too.
I enjoyed the way Bolden uses 3rd person narrative, yet tells us the story from Tess’ pov.
The chemistry between her and Grant is, at first, awkward, but the exploration the 2 of them go on during the storm is well rounded and thought out.
Even though its only a short story, it never feels rushed or as if the author passes information by.

Forced Landing – Angel Lawson

I loved the paranormal elements. It was a bit of a slow burn which was a bit frustrating at times, but once Nadya became more aware of what was happening and the truth about her and her mother, the story was thoroughly engaging.
Easily could be continued into a series.
Didn’t feel rushed, a bit slow at first, but pace was perfect overall.

Unexpected Departure – T. M. Franklin

T. M. Franklin is at her paranormal best! I was just as confused as Rowan throughout the story, and  when things were going crazy, I thought I was right with her. The entire thing kept me turning pages. I NEEDED to know what was happening.
Sucked in right from the beginning, pace was perfect.

A Midsummer Flight’s Dream – Kira A. Gold

Little bit confusing at first, but I soon got into it. A lot going on at the same time, but the more I read, the more I was able to keep up with the story. As enjoyable as it was, it wasn’t one of my favourites in the anthology simply because when I put it down for a while, I wasn’t itching to pick it back up. Coupled with the  confusion at the story, it was just ‘ok’ for me.

Fly Me to the Moon – Bev Elle

I love stories about people finding each other again, and this is just what you got with this story. There were a couple of times I wanted to shake Jessamy, but she eventually sorted her priorities out. I kind of guessed the outcome, but it didn’t prevent me one bit from enjoying the story.
The OCD aspect was interesting as I’ve not had much interaction with it in such severe cases. The author dealt with it in a sensitive and classy way. Beware, you WILL hum the Sinatra song throughout, and beyond, reading this story.


The Friendly Skies – Amanda Weaver

The relationship between Simon and Cassie was paced perfectly. I half expected it to feel rushed considering the majority of the story takes place in a matter of hours, but it never did. The pacing was perfect.
Both characters were likeable and relateable – particularly when they shared their relationship histories.


As a collection, Frequent Flyers is a great book for dipping in and out of. It can be put down between stories and picked up at a later time. Perfect for a holiday or, dare I say it, a longish flight. I liked the way each author took a different take to the ‘flight’ aspect and really made it their own.



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