The Kingdom Collection, Books 4 & 5 – Marie Hall


Jinnie’s Wish: A long, long time ago there lived a man. A Jinni, who had one wish. To know love. But the woman he thought he knew betrayed him and the love he thought they shared. Tortured for his crimes, he was cast out of Kingdom, stripped of all his powers, left to langour in pain and solitude, until eventually he becomes nothing but a ghost…

Paz Lopez is an artist with a dream. To buy a ridiculously large penthouse in the swankiest section of Chicago. But there’s just one hitch, she has no man to share her dream with. A fateful visit to a carnival and Madam Pandora’s tent sends Paz on a mission to find the love of her life before it’s too late.

But the Madam forgot to tell Paz one very important detail… to meet him, Paz will have to die first.

Hook’s Pan: Trishelle Page has known pain in her life, but instead of it making her weak, she’s stronger. Confident. That is until the day a fairy kidnaps her during her staring role in Peter Pan’s play and tells her not only do fairy tales exist, but that she’s the soulmate of the pirate they call Hook, making her question everything she ever thought she knew.

Captain James Hook is a man at the end of his rope. He’s not the villainous bastard tales have made him out to be. So when the curvaceous blonde drops, literally, at his feet he aims to prove it to her. If only to get her into his bed.

What neither one knows is that fate and magic are conspiring and they can deny the attraction all they want but the end is already written, it’s just a matter of getting there.

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Following on from the first 3 books in the series, I dived into these two books, hoping they wouldn’t continue to let me down after I had enjoyed the first book so much, but not the following ones. I was nicely surprised.

Jinni’s Wish: – A bit of a slow start, but I was soon drawn into Paz and Jinni’s story. The way Hall brought them together, yet managed to keep the readers guessing was brilliant.

I particularly enjoyed the flashbacks through the use of Paz’s painting and the interaction between her and Jinni, as well as between Jinni and Danika.

A solid twist on a tale not as commonly adapted as others.

Hook’s Pan: – This is quite possibly my favourite story of the series (well, a VERY close second to Her Madd Hatter – maybe even a tie). I don’t know why, but the way Hall has written Hook and his story with Trish just captivated me.

Maybe it’s the attraction I have to the TV version of Hook in Once Upon a Time and I pictured him a lot while I was reading, who knows. But, I thought the interaction between he and Trish was perfect. I love a bit of banter between characters who are trying to fight attraction.

I am also extremely happy that there are more books in this series, so once I have some spare money, I will definitely be buying more!


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