Review – A Girl in Paris – Mira Noire


“She turned to me; I was shocked at the naked need in her dark eyes. I had only just met her, walked across a street to give a stranger a duffel bag full of clothes. Suddenly I realized she’d thought I could be more, maybe even save her. Nothing I’d ever expected, or wanted, to be for her.”

After she leaves her latest male lover behind, an American finds herself struggling to carry her bags on the streets of Paris. Drawn by the provocative gaze and unrepentant sensuality of a young prostitute not unlike herself, her offer of charity turns into far more than she bargained for. Questioning her sexuality and morality, our anonymous lover surrenders herself to a single night of raw, unadulterated sex in the arms of her first ever female lover. This title contains explicit adult content: f/f, dominance, light exhibitionism, and toy play.



My first foray into F/F books, and I have to say, it was a bit better than I expected. As it’s a short story, the ‘action’ begins much sooner than it would in a full length novel, but I was surprised that it never really felt rushed.

While in Paris, two women meet and end up discovering a passion in each other’s bodies. To me, it was a little unbelieveable, but I was able to accept it due to this being a short story rather than a novella or even a full novel where you would get a build up towards their relationship.

This story is pure attraction, and how these two women act upon that attraction. It comes at them from nowhere, and doesn’t evolve into much more, which is fine. I don’t think anyone reading would expect more than the author gives, which is great.



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