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When wounded soldier Blake Connor returns from Afghanistan, he wants nothing more than to hide from the world. He’s plagued by the memory of his best friend’s death and the pain of his own injuries. On top of all that, he has another burden to carry.

Take care of our girl.

Blake’s vow to watch over the woman who was left behind is overshadowed by his self-contempt and bitterness, making it impossible for him to reach out to her like he’d promised.
Jennifer Owens had expected to get married the moment her fiancé returned home from the war, but the news of his death changed everything. Shattered by her loss, she is still struggling with feelings of guilt when she receives an unexpected letter that raises new questions and reopens old wounds.

Jennifer’s need for answers leads her to Blake’s doorstep, but she is met with hostility and rejection from a man who only vaguely resembles the head-turning charmer she remembers from so long ago. Blake is determined to keep her at arm’s length, and Jennifer soon discovers that she must decide whether to push back or let him go.

Caught up in circumstances beyond their control, Jennifer and Blake have to learn to accept the truths that lie below the surface. She comes to recognize the beauty underneath the scars, and Blake realizes that he’s broken in more ways than he cares to admit.

Nothing will ever be the same for this ex-Army Ranger once he faces the truth. If he can learn to accept the help he needs, he might be able to overcome his warped self-image and emotional scars. To be the man Jennifer deserves, he must heal his wounds before he loses the woman he loves forever.



I’ve read a few of Font’s books before, and I always know to expect excellent writing, fantastic characters, and a heap load of angst. Pieces of Broken Time is no different!

Even before I opened the book, I knew it was going to be a tough read for me, due to the military aspect to the story. As someone with a long and varied military family, I kind of feel an affinity for these stories. Especially when, as in the case of this book, they are done with compassion, sympathy and obvious research done into procedures and, in this case, PTSD.

Blake is a character that you want to pity, but you find yourself wanted to shout at him and put him in his place. Understandably, he’s going through hell after surviving hell, and it’s very obvious that he suffers from guilt of returning home from the front line alive, regardless of how hurt he was. The nightmares, the flashbacks, the state he is in both mentally and physically is heartbreaking, yet he’s strong and a fighter, he just doesn’t quite know it yet.

Enter Jennifer.  His best friend’s fiancee, and the woman he’s been in love with since the moment they met.

Jennifer is a complex character in that she’s a homebody and comes across as a bit meek (the proposal comes to mind), but as the story moves forward, she’s revealed as extremely strong and forthright, just what Blake (and she herself) needs.

But, as has become Font’s signature style (to me at least), nothing is ever that simple and easy. I won’t say any more than that, you know my thoughts on spoilers. All I can say is, go and buy this book. You will not be disappointed. Especially not if you love a bit of angst with a well thought out and executed plot with fabulous characters.


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