Review – The Certainty of Deception – Jeanne McDonald


After years of living in the darkness of his past, Andrew Wise, a young attorney working for his family’s law firm in Sarasota, Florida, has finally broken free of the demons that haunt him. Wealth, success, happiness, and true love; everything a man could ever dream of, was right at his fingertips. Or so he thought. But in the blink of an eye, all of that changed. Upon discovering that his ex-girlfriend, Olivia Hamilton, was pregnant, Drew fell back into some old habits, which led to him losing the one person that mattered the most in his life – McKenzie Evans.

When McKenzie left him and returned to Texas, Drew was beside himself. The night before she left, he made an agreement with her best friend Jared Christopher, that he would give her time and space to come to grips with the fact that he’d fathered her best friend’s child. Now, two months later, he feels as though he held up his end of the bargain, Drew can’t take their separation any longer. With his brother’s wedding mere weeks away, Drew devises a plan to win McKenzie back.

Under the guise of a bachelor getaway for Gavin, Drew, along with his brother and Jared, jets off on an adventure to the panhandle of Texas. There, he will learn what made McKenzie who she is and will find strength within himself that he never realized existed. 

In this charming sequel to The Truth in Lies, Drew and McKenzie discover that not everything is as it seems, forgiveness is a matter of acceptance, and true love really can conquer all.



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***Little bit of a spoiler alert here*** This is a messgae I sent to the author once I finished reading. “I hate you, you made me cry” – you know what she did? She laughed (but I forgive her because this book is brilliant! ***little spoiler over***

Ever since I finished the first in this series, The Truth in Lies, I wanted to get my hands on this book! I tried so hard to take my time with this book and make it last, but I couldn’t. I had to read it whenever I could.

I know I said I wasn’t blown away by Drew in the first book, but reading things from his POV in this one has really warmed me to his character. I now see the confidence and the cockiness is a shield and something for him to hide behind. I don’t blame him, his past and revelation to Mickie reveal a lot about him and explains to the reader why he is the way he is. I have to say, I still have a soft spot for the wonderful Jared.

In this second book, Drew is determined to win Mickie back after she leaves him to head back home to Texas. He’s ready to go charging down to Amarillo, but his brother, Gavin, and Jared stall him and when he does eventually head down, they go with him. What follows is an insight into Drew and Mickie’s relationship (and breakup) from another perspective, including the jealousy Drew experiences knowing Jared loves Mickie and seeing her at ease on her home turf, surrounded by people who know her better than he does. McDonald does this with finesse and without ramming drew’s feelings down the reader’s throats, making it unbearable. It feels real.

As with the first book, I was drawn to Jared because, let’s face it, he’s a hottie musician who is excellent with kids, and what’s not to like? He’s not as prominent in this book, but the interaction between him, Drew and Gavin was wonderful, particularly when Granny comes on the scene. I will say no more, but I may have choked up a lung laughing!

All in all, it’s the prefect follow up from the first book, but be prepared to be left with just as many questions as you were with The Truth in Lies. Put it this way, I will be badgering McDonald to either give me spoilers or to write faster! So, if you want a sweet romance that will fill you with a range of emotions, this is the one for you!


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