Review – Ricochet – Lore Ree


“The Rebound Effect” states that in order to get over your ex, you have to get under someone else. At least, that’s what Miles Bedford’s best friend keeps telling him. So when he’s suddenly ricocheted back into the single life, Miles has one thing in mind. The plan is simple, and his intentions are clear. He’s not looking for love. But sometimes all it takes is one person, and one weekend, to change everything.





Miles Bedford is introduced trying to chose an engagement ring for his long term girlfriend, Arianne. His best friend, Warren is expressing his displeasure at Miles wanting to propose. It soon becomes clear that Warren is right about Ari. She up and dumps Miles, giving the most ridiculous argument.

What follows is Warren determined to get his boy back in the saddle and tells him about the “ricochet effect” – basically, have a rebound relationship/one night stand. Enter Noelle…

Without giving away too many spoilers, this novella is the perfect mixture of sweet and sexy. Miles and Noelle are drawn to each other time and time again, and their passion reads very realistic and believeable.  Miles seemed like a completely different person around her compared to what we saw with Ari. He was much more ‘himself’ and real, his slight cockiness was able to run free which made him seem stronger in a way.

Noelle was a great character. She could almost be the girl next door, but get her dressed up and out on the down, she’s the wild child almost. Someone many girls wish they could be if they had the confidence.

All in all, this novella was a great, easy read. I think it could have worked just as well, if not better, as a full length novel which would have allowed the author to fully explore Ari and Miles’ relationship, Miles’ after the break-up, and eventually, miles’ and Noelle’s relationship in more detail.

A great debut!


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