Release Day – Talk to the Moon – Morgan Emerson

Series: Moonlit Nights

Genre: New Adult Romance Novellas

Author: Morgan Emerson

San Francisco is a vibrant and beautiful city and it’s a key location in Morgan Emerson’s first two novellas in the Moonlit Nights Series. The Golden Gate Bridge is iconic and who can deny the romance when it’s lit up at night and the moon is full.

It all starts with a moonlight night and two young lovers, Sadie and Kyle, making love for the very first time as teenagers. It’s the first and only time for the pair as through a series of events they are separated. Join them in their journey to reconnect again in Talk to the Moon. 

Nathan is Kyle’s best friend, and Jess is Sadie’s. But that is not the only complication in pursuing romance for these two. They couldn’t be more wrong for each other on the surface, but tell that to their raging hormones whenever they meet. Moon over the Bay follows Nathan and Jess as they discover that maybe they have more in common than they realize.


Talk to the Moon 


When Kyle Chase was eighteen, he had his life all mapped out: a business degree and a long, happy life with his childhood sweetheart. Seven years later, Kyle is still haunted by the girl who declared her everlasting love to him before disappearing without a word as soon as he left for college. With the realization that the memories are stopping him from living his life, Kyle posts an ad in hopes of making contact with the woman who broke his heart.

Sadie Long has finally found her niche in the world as an artist, years after leaving the South and her trailer-trash parents. Every month, her muse drives Sadie to create another artwork featuring a vivid full moon and the boy she left behind, and it’s driving her crazy. When she comes across an ad in Craigslist’s “Missed Connections,” she knows it’s from him, and even though she’s terrified of how he might feel about what she did when they were teenagers, she has no choice but to respond to the ad.

When the truth comes out, will Kyle be able to forgive Sadie and move forward, or will they always be stuck in the past?

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Chapter One

Kyle Chase tossed his empty beer bottle into the recycle bin on the way to grab another from the fridge, then ambled his way back outside into the night. He stretched out on the soft lounge chair and twisted the cap off his beer, taking a long pull. Because he kept the lights off on the patio, since he preferred the intimacy of the darkness, his eyes were immediately drawn to the night sky.

The full moon hung low on the horizon making it appear larger than normal, and it glowed a dull orange thanks to the city’s pollution. Nothing obstructed his view of it. His house sat on a mountain at the southern end of the San Fernando Valley, just north of Los Angeles, and it was elevated above most other homes and the surrounding area. It had been the feature that sealed the deal on his purchasing the house with money from his inheritance, but on nights like these it was also a curse.

Any time the moon was full, and he wasn’t distracted with work, he sat out here. Alone. Usually drinking. The damned thing always reminded Kyle of her. And even though he hated the reminder, he couldn’t help himself and was constantly tortured by the sight of it anyway. Disgusted with his line of thinking, he gulped from his beer bottle again, but didn’t move away.

The stillness of the night was disturbed by the sound of the patio door opening behind him.

“Hey, Chase, what’s happening?” Nathan, his roommate, asked from the doorway. “Ah, never mind. Need a refill?”

“Sure,” Kyle mumbled. He heard the door close and then open again.

Nathan handed over the beer before he plopped down in the chair next to Kyle’s. Both men sat in silence for a moment drinking their beers while Kyle stared at the moon and tried not to think about the past.

“Still nothing?” Nathan asked.

“Why do you continue to ask me that?” Kyle snapped at his best friend.

“Well, since you found out she lives in this state, I figured that maybe she might have found out you live here too.”

Even though Nathan was only trying to help, Kyle didn’t care where she lived. She’d known where he was when he went away to school and never bothered to contact him, so why would it matter now. He just wondered if she thought of him as he did her.

He’d recently found out she lived in San Francisco from his dad, who had bumped into one of her cousins. Growing up in a small town outside Savannah, Georgia, it wasn’t uncommon to bump into someone, who knew someone, who was related to someone else. Her cousin had mentioned she lived in the Bay Area “trying to be a painter” or something.

It didn’t surprise Kyle that her family was so flippant. They had no idea how talented she really was. Kyle still remembered her doodling in notebook after notebook. She’d draw anything and everything, using pencils or pens. Sometimes she’d paint or even use crayons. She said she liked the way the wax glided across the paper. They were teenagers then. Now as an adult, she was apparently trying to make a living out of something she loved. Kyle admired her . . . even as he hated her for leaving him. Well, he tried to hate her.

“Look, I doubt she even knows I’m alive, let alone living in the same state she does. She probably assumes I stayed in Miami after school or even moved back home to Georgia to be an accountant. If she wanted to find me, all she had to do was call my parents,” Kyle said with a sigh. He felt so boring compared to her. Kyle had always believed he was dark shadows while she was a mesmerizing rainbow glistening after a spring shower.

“Well, you’d think someone would’ve told her you live in the City of Angels . . . with your incredibly handsome and talented friend as he realizes his dream of becoming an actor,” Nathan said with such dramatics it made Kyle toss his bottle cap at him.

“You’re an ass is what you are. One commercial doesn’t make you anything special.”

“The hell you say! I’m well on my way to an Oscar!” Nathan shook his finger at Kyle.

“Go away. I want to wallow in my beer alone for a bit still.”

“Fine, but maybe you should reach out to her. Look for her on Facebook or some other crap like that. I mean it’s been what? Seven years now, and you still sulk every month like a lovesick teenager.”

Kyle shot an irritated glare at Nathan.

“You’re twenty-five, yet you never keep a steady girlfriend, and I’ve known you since college. What’s the worst that can happen by reaching out?” Nathan asked as he stood and took Kyle’s empty bottle from him.

Kyle sighed. He had heard it all before, so he simply grumbled his thanks and looked up at the moon again, barely noticing that Nathan had returned inside.

Maybe Nathan was right; maybe he should search for her. It was becoming more obvious to him that something might be broken within him. Every woman he’d ever dated had always been compared to Sadie. How fair was that to him or to the women? Why did he continue to hold her up on a pedestal when she’d left him like she had? He needed to move on, and deep down he wanted to, but every month that damned moon showed up and reminded him of what he lost. Even tonight’s moon took him back to the most important time they’d spent together.

He’d never forget the night he took Sadie to the lake near his house that late spring so many years ago. The flowers had just bloomed and the evening was still too chilly for the critters to come out. They had spread a blanket on the grassy shore and cuddled together on it before covering up with another. Kyle could still remember their conversation like it was yesterday.

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Talk to the Moon  will also be available soon on Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble,  Google Play & Coffee Time Romance


About the Author 

Morgan Emerson

Morgan Emerson profile pic May 2014

Morgan Emerson’s a zoo keeper, a maid and a chauffeur on top of being a reader, writer and a daydreamer.

Morgan lives in the desert, on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona where she and her husband try to wrangle their three small children.  Her passion for reading started as a teenager, leading her to write poetry and short stories as an adult.

She was inspired by another stay-at-home mom turned author to start writing herself, and her favourite characters are Alpha males and sassy women.


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