Review – She Cries – Alexandra Allred

She Cries
Alexandra Allred
Release Date: 8th May 2014Genre: Romance/ Suspense 

Published by: The Writers Coffee Shop

Available from: AmazonKoboBarnes and Noble, and TWCS PH


Kali Jorgensen is the head instructor at Rainwash Ranch in Horse Canyon, Utah, leading cattle drives for celebrities and CEOs. Living and working alongside her three young daughters and her in-laws is as perfect as life can be since the death of her husband. She’s all about horses and family until a legal team from Houston, Texas, signs on with one problem athlete, his posse, and a world of trouble, and life on the ranch turns upside down.
The Jorgensens are unaware of just how deep the legal woes run with the pampered athlete and just how far the legal team will go to protect his image. Even more alarming is Kali’s unexplainable attraction to the lead attorney.
She Criesis a nail-biting, suspense novel that will leave you signing up for a cattle drive and falling in love with the most unlikely of heroes.
Having read at least one of Allred’s book previously, I know when I started She Cries that I would be taken on a whirlwind of mystery full of twists and turns, perpetrated by well rounded and relateable characters. I wasn’t disappointed.
Let me start of by saying that it’s not very often that I come across a character that I despise the moment they are introduced, but that is exactly what happened when Jeremy Connors appears on the pages. It wasn’t just because of the way he treats women (like that wasn’t enough), but mainly because of the way he expects to get away with what he does.
The media is full of stories about top athletes being let off with their crimes due to their status and celebrity, and here is someone, at the top of his game, yet he is truly evil and twisted.
Then we meet his legal team. I could understand why they defend him the way they do. Money. It is the be all and end all. It’s obvious that they don’t particularly like Conners, but they do their job and they do it well.
It isn’t until the team head out to Rainwash Ranch in Utah. Initially, they want somewhere to close themselves away from the press, being away from modern day life so that they concentrate on building their case.  Sam, who seems to already be doubting his involvement with the case in hand, takes to the environment like a duck to water, his attraction to Kali helping matters.
Kali Jorgensen… a woman with hurt in her past and who uses that hurt to control her present and that of her daughters. Until Sam turns up, it works. Kind of.
What follows is a story that captivates and pulls you in until the very last page. I commend Allred as I did guess who the mystery man was, but I’d managed to dissuade myself that it couldn’t be him because of events in the story. Up until the end I was kept guessing and that’s something that doesn’t happen often.
A solid 5 stars!
Author Bio: 

Alexandra Allred is a former national and professional athlete turned adventure writer turned humorist and novelist. She’s often been called the next Erma Bombeck with a grudge. Her annual Christmas letters, which have frequently made the news, could make the Grinch weep with joy. For a taste of holiday glee, see Blog.
She Cries is a very personal novel for Allred as many of the horses featured in this book are based on horses she has known and loved, including her beloved Star.
Allred writes for Waxahachie Daily Light newspaper, continues to testify in Washington D.C. on behalf of children with asthma and our need for clean air, and she’s never too far from her gym in Midlothian, Texas. You can always drop her a note at her Email Address.

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