Review – The Truth in Lies – Jeanne McDonald


Life is a sequence of choices. Some are deliberate, others are forced upon you. This was a lesson that McKenzie Evans knew all too well. After the miscarriage of her son, she made the hard decision to leave her absentee boyfriend and move in with her former college roommate, Olivia Hamilton. That’s when she was introduced to Andrew Wise, a brilliant attorney, working for his family’s law firm in Sarasota, Florida. To McKenzie, Drew became her salvation. He had a way of understanding her when no one else could. The closer they became, the more McKenzie found herself falling in love with Drew. He was everything she ever dreamed of in a man, and for the first time in her life, she felt truly alive. There was only one problem. Drew was dating Olivia. With the help of fate and circumstance, Drew and McKenzie journey down a path of unrequited love and denied feelings. In the end, they must make a choice between their hearts or their consciences. In this one decision they discover that there’s always a glimmer of truth to a lie, that there’s a fine line between love and friendship, and sometimes you have to risk everything to gain everything.



This was another of those books that I’d bought and hadn’t got round to reading it. When I did, I beat myself up in wondering why I’d waited so long.

McKenzie is so sad. Not only has she had to suffer through the loss of her unborn baby, but her boyfriend, nate, isn’t around to help her through it. Whilst I sympathised with McKenzie, i really didn’t like nate. Yes, he had also suffered the loss of his son, but it made him selfish and insular. He only thought of himself, so I admit i cheered when Kenz left him.

Then Mckenzie meets Drew. I have to say, i read through some of the reviews this book already has, and most readers have fallen in book lust with drew. I didn’t. Yeah, he’s a nice guy and good looking, but as a ‘book boyfriend’, he’s a bit too cocky for me, plus I tend to prefer secondary characters.  Jared… I want one!

McDonald writes her supporting characters just as well as she writes her mains. Olivia… what can I say about her? I didn’t like her, not one bit. Yes, she’s McKenzie’s friend, but the entire friendship is very one-sided. Olivia is very selfish and her main goal in life is to marry into a well connected and rich family. She’s very take take take, and why Mckenzie put up with her for so long astounded me. This is a huge testament to McDonald’s writing abilities, as it’s not very often I dislike a character so much.

And Jared… As McKenzie’s other best friend… he’s dreamy. He’s good looking, works with children, and loves music. Someone create a real version and ship him to me. I really wanted him and McKenzie to get together, but I also knew they weren’t right together. I have a lot of respect for him by the end of the book.

Each character is so relateable due to their well rounded personalities that worked so well together, whether they got on well or clashed. I could imagine myself slotting into that group and fit in seamlessly.

Whilst I’m not a fan of people cheating on their other halves, the way McDonald deals with this is excellent. Nothing physical happens, but the intent and want is there, but the characters of drew and McKenzie deal with it the only way they know how. Ignoring it and suffering.

The book is an easy read, but it stays with you after it has been finished. It’s the kind of story anyone could picture themselves in and wondering how they would deal with events in place of the characters.

My one complaint? The cliffhanger ending! Hurry up McDonald… I want book 2!



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4 responses to “Review – The Truth in Lies – Jeanne McDonald

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review, dearheart. I absolutely loved it. As you know, I, too, have a bit of a soft spot for Jared. He’s got some wonderful things coming his way. ❤

    • mouse555

      You are more than welcome, I just wish it hadn’t taken me so long to get to reading! He’s adorable!

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