Stupid Cupid – Sydney Logan


Jada Morgan hates Valentine’s Day, which is ironic, considering she’s a writer for a greeting card company. She meets Nathan Reynolds, one of the company’s new graphic artists, and they bond over their mutual hatred for all things Cupid while working on designs for this year’s marketing campaign. As they grow closer, Jada learns Nathan is a single father, and she quickly becomes attached to him and his little girl. When it’s time for the company’s holiday party, Jada assumes she and Nathan will attend together, not realizing he already has a date for the event. Has Stupid Cupid broken her heart once again? A heartfelt short story about love, family, and second chances.



I knew, when I started reading, that this was novella, but I didn’t expect to read the entire thing in about 40 minutes. It may be short, but it gave me all the feels!

We meet Jada, a little disillusioned with the whole Valentine’s Day thing – which is a holiday that I find pointless also. That instantly created a connection with her that grew further the more I read. Then, she meets Nathan, the new guy at work. She’s a writer and he’s a designer at a greeting’s card company.

What follows is a fast paced and fluffy romance that was so sweet, I got a cavity (in a good way, believe me). Although it’s short, the story doesn’t feel rushed. Yes, the romance seems to happen quite quickly, but it completely fits and works very well.

Apart from Arwen (what a cutie), my favourite character is Annalise. She’s one of those best friends who drives you insane by constantly telling you that to be happy you need a man, even if it’s just a fling, then worries about you when she feels you’re moving too fast. The interaction between her a Jada is wonderfully written and very believable. let’s face it, we all have a friend like that.

I’ve loved every single of Sydney Logan’s books that I have read, and once again she has provided a wonderful story that sucks you in, beginning to end!


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