Sorrow’s Requiem – Alan Nash


An ordinary man.
One split-second decision.
Life-changing consequences.

Ben Trowman is a good man with a deep, unrequited love for his best friend. When he decides to help a stranger, he has no idea that his actions will change his life forever. In a bid to do the right thing, he starts a chain of events so shocking and so violent that they threaten everything he’s always believed to be right, but through it all, there is only one thing on his mind; to be there for one person, whatever the cost.

How far would you go, to save the person you love?



I have to admit, the main reason I bought and read this was because the other half gave me the name of the book and asked me too. When I asked by, he said “because Alan wrote it” – After hearing that, there was no stopping me, I bought it for Kindle and opened it. Then panicked. CRAP! what if I didn’t like it and had do give it a duff review? I mean, he’s a mate and I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but I also want to be honest.

Yeah, right. I got sucked in right from the word go! Next time I see Alan Nash, I am going to tie him down and write more as I assume it’s the first in a series from the way he’s left it.

The prologue introduces us to the violence associated with, at first glance, is a loan shark operation in an unknown city. The character we’re following is someone you dislike in an instant, yet you still need to know more about what he’s going to do. Also, who is this Billy he works for? Then time switches and we’re following the main character, Ben Trowman, as he begins his journey.

What follows is a twisty turny story full of mystery, intrigue and, let’s be real, a ton of violence. Not one part of the plot feels gratuitous or forced – considering the book is about Motorcycle Clubs and their rivalry, it’s natural that there’s going to be what there is, so this is a testament to Nash’s writing ability and also his either knowledge or extensive research into this lifestyle.

The characters all felt real, even the supporting cast of misfits. None were out of place, over/underwritten, or bland. Any reader could imagine themselves in the shoes of these characters and then wonder if they would react in the same way. I know I did.

Admitedly, I don’t know if this is a book I would have chosen if I didn’t know the author, but I am bloody glad I did read it. I like a murder mystery, and this is up there with some of the best seller’s I’ve read. I certainly hope Alan Nash has more in him because I will snap them up!

About the author:

Born in 1977, Alan Nash has lived his entire life in Birmingham, England. Having spent the vast majority of his career in Insurance, he started writing as a hobby, which quickly turned into a passion that led to the publication of his novel; something that he only ever thought to be a dream.

He certainly doesn’t consider himself to be any sort of expert in writing and will always look up to the people whose literary talents have both delighted and inspired him throughout his life. He does, however, hold a firm belief that an author can only ever be as good as the reader’s imagination will allow. With that in mind, he has tried to do nothing more than provide direction for your mind and hopes that you, as the reader, can enjoy his work for what it is; a chance to briefly escape the real world and a chance to wonder ‘what if?’


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