Love burned Deep – Nickie Nalley Seidler


Sometimes the past stays in the past, and other times it can follow you forever. All Rachel wanted was to live a life of happiness and have her husband all to herself. Cody had a rough start as a troubled kid addicted to drugs, but with a lot of help and support, he turned himself around and became a top notch firefighter who was head over heels in love with Rachel.

Not everyone was as lucky as Cody. Jealousy from a past love and fellow addict threatens to tear him and Rachel apart and send their happiness up in flames. Cody has no idea how to face this situation from his past and save his marriage.

Love, trust, and the hope of one day having a family together keep Rachel from walking away from Cody and his past and never looking back. Will her faith in her man and their love be enough to overcome evil, or will they forever be burned?



***I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***

I have to admit, I didn’t finish this book. I didn’t get very far into it at all for a few reasons.

The first was the lack of editing. As an author myself, i understand that ARCs are often formatted before the final editing process, and I always take this into account, but this ARC was sent out AFTER the book had been released, accompanied by an email stating that it hadn’t been edited at all. Why, if the book has been released, was an edited version not sent out? It might have made my experience of reading this story much more pleasurable.

Secondly, the characters. They were very flat and almost immature. I simply couldn’t relate to them at all. I liked Cody’s back story, but it is something I have read before, and honestly better executed. The ex was a good twist to something that I have read before. Yet, I found a lot of it implausible unfortunately.

As I said, I didn’t get very far into the book at all, so I can’t really say much more than that about it as I don’t believe in badmouthing a book i couldn’t finish. It truly had promise, but in my opinion needed a bit more work to flesh out the characters. The plot itself was a good idea, but a bit of tweaking would have made it a great short to read.


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