Our Friend Thomas Henson – Elaina J. Davidson


Thomas Henson has many issues. Many. M.A.N.Y. Here we shall examine thirteen of them. Yes, a baker’s dozen…or a witch’s coming-of-age. No doubt our doubting Thomas will throw arms with hands up in horror if he hears we aim to halt our examination (dissection?) of him at this sweet little number known as 13.

These mighty swords of doom (what we call issues), by his reckoning, are the fault of: one- his parents (for they named him); two- the world at large (society is judgmental and downright mean); and three- his neighbour (the laughing bastard)


***I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

I have to admit, it took me a couple of pages to really get into this short story, but once I did, I had to return to the beginning and start again as it had me sniggering away to myself.

Thomas Henson is a spoiled, entitled, and downright annoying man. He was born almost with a silver spoon in his mouth and has grown accustomed to a very particular lifestyle. He completely ignores the fact that this lifestyle can be no more due to certain events and also his parents mollycoddling him.

He lives in a cottage with little food, no electricity and, what he sees as, an irritating neighbour. He’s 30 and has no idea how to do anything for himself, including general personal hygiene.

The story follows 13 issues that Thomas has with his life and why he deserves better than what he has. It’s quick, sharp, and witty. I found myself disliking Thomas at first. This is a compliment to Davidson’s writing as she portrays him as this rich, good looking womaniser who feels he can survive on these three aspects of his life. Er… wrong. A personality and common courtesy would help too Mr Henson.

Definitely worth a read, this short story is a funny piece that will get you thinking about life and how you live it!


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