Riverbend: the Collection – Andrea Goodson


All three novels in The Riverbend Trilogy in one digital boxed set. Riverbend: The Collection includes Riverbend, Rapid Water, and Waking Tide.

Nestled deep in Northwest Pennsylvania, in the thick forest of the Allegheny Mountains, is a quiet community named Kennerdell. Rich in both Native American and European settlement history with few inhabitants and a charming culture, growing up there was simple for Lena Woodruff.

But when grief stepped in and darkened her life-everything changed. After years of escape, Lena is forced to return home.

A web of mystery and danger that dates back to America’s earliest days quickly weaves around her and when a longtime friend, one who knows the tragedy that plagues Lena’s heart, comes back into her life – things get complicated.

Grief darkens her thoughts while insecurity and self-doubt cause the lines between reality and imagination to blur. Just when she thinks she can’t take anymore, a small glimmer of hope arises.

A sudden and unexpected need for love begins a conflict between self-doubt and the promise of something better.

Where strength can be weakness and vulnerability-an asset, the greatest danger that threatens Lena in Kennerdell may just be herself.

Will she be able to unfold the truth around this mystery or will it be easier to run away?

Love, danger, and history collide in Riverbend: The Collection



***I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

I have to admit, it took me a little while to get into this book, so I put it down for a while. I soon found myself thinking about it and what would happen next. When I picked it back up, I flew threw it.

The book introduces us to Lena. This is a girl who, from the very first page, is very troubled by her past. In particular the death of her father. I related to this as I am a massive daddy’s girl and I don’t know how I would cope with that kind of loss. We join Lena as she heads home to visit her mother and sister for the first time in two years. Lena is NOT looking forward to it at all.

What follows is a journey of Lena reconnecting with her family, her best friend, and her hometown. She is struggling and cutting herself off until she starts to find clues of an area of history that her dad was researching. This is where I started to really get into the story! Especially with the added mystery surround John Roberts and his fixation with Lena.

The history and the archaeological aspect to the story were fascinating. Being a Brit, I have little to no idea about the history of Native Americans. Linking the Lenape and an aspect of British history was a distinct way to get me gripped!

I cottoned on to some parts of the story pretty quickly, but the book wasn’t completely predictable which I was pleased about. Goodson seems to follow a formula used by authors such as Kathy Reichs in that she sets up the story, brings in a little action before the resolution either way. This style is both familiar and enjoyable to me and I wouldn’t complain about reading more of Goodson’s work in this genre.

The romance aspect felt very realistic in that it wasn’t rushed or forced. Lena and Will have been best friends for years and know each other better than they each know themselves. This is the perfect foundation to a relationship, but only if both parties want that relationship! This is what makes the book even more believable. Lena is scared to love Will and pulls away or even pushes him away. We’ve all been there, just maybe not to the extremes Lena goes to. Is it time for Will to give up? Buy the book to find out!

The only complaint I would have against this book is that it could do with a final read through by an editor. There were quite a few minor spelling mistakes that should have been addressed before publication, but not one of them tore me away from finding out what happens next!


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