A Royal Mess – Rosen Trevithick


This short story is a prequel to Rosen’s novel, Pompomberry House.

Dee Whittaker and her estranged husband Gareth, are destined to become a crime fighting double act.

However, it’s the calm before the storm. With her marriage still holding together, Dee dips her toes into the world of indie publishing. She joins a forum, unaware that the very people she asks for help, will eventually send her life spiralling out of control, landing her in mortal danger.

She asks for feedback on a blurb for her short story, ‘A Royal Mess’, and finds herself flummoxed by the forum members’ responses. 

Should she really set her comedy about a royal-wedding-themed-best-dressed competition, in Baghdad during 9-11, or are the other writers completely insane?



I have to admit. I haven’t read Pompomberry house… yet. I ‘bought’ this from Amazon when it was free as I had read My Granny Writes Erotica, which made me laugh out loud on many an occasion. Ever since, I have kept an eye on the author and when I have spare funds, I will definitely buy more of her books.

Being a short story, the pace of A Royal Mess is pretty darn good. Trevithick keeps the reader turning pages, She captures the indie author world perfectly, from the dodgy advice to the needing reassurance. I know, I’m there right now. 

The way in which Trevithick makes us laugh in the forum messages is genius. She made me want to join that forum to torment the members even though I know it’s not real. I have met people like these online, and I pretty much ignored them in the same way that Dee does.

I cannot recommend books by this author enough. If you want a well written book that will make you laugh, a lot. Get any of these.


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