The Journey to a New life – Lisa Bilbrey

Blurb: Travis McCoy’s journey has led him down a road of changes where he found the love of his life and their child. Travis, Penelope, and Max have struggled during their time apart, found their way back home, and finally tied their lives together as a family. Now, Penelope and Travis find themselves on a new journey, one that leads them to the greatest journey of all. 18189536 Review:

Having read the first 3 novellas in this series, I had an inkling about what would happen in this final installment.  Although a little predictable, it wasn’t a bad thing. After all, romance books tend to have a HEA. Finally, Travis is happy. He’s able to be a dad from day dot, something he wasn’t able to do with his son Max. Not that you could tell he hadn’t always been there in max’s life. Their relationship is one of my favourite aspects of the books.

All of the characters are relateable and likeable. There wasn’t one character I had a dislike to, which can often ruin a book. All of the relationships between them are It’s a nice ending to a great series of stories that will give you a case of the warm and fuzzies.

What I liked most was that there were plenty of chances fro the author to put these characters through the ringer, but she didn’t. I think if she had, it would have made the books unrealistic and a bit of a chore to read. There was a nice balance of minor setbacks to the relationship between Travis and Penelope that were dealt with, thus allowing them to move forward. I admit, I’ll miss these characters.

My only complaint would be that I would have preferred it as a singular novel rather than a series of 4 novellas.

Now for an excerpt:

At the brink of dusk, Travis held his arm out to Nadine. She smiled and slid her fingers around his bicep, clutching onto him. They were standing at one end of a covered bridge in Brandenburg Park, at the base of the Red River Ski Area, while Russ, Max, and Penelope stood at the other end. They had placed lanterns and candles along the way to offer a soft, sensual ambiance.

“Are you ready, Nadine?” Travis asked, looking down at the woman who had captured his father’s heart.

“More than ever.” She smiled. The two of them started across the bridge at a slow pace.

In two years, so much of Travis’s life had changed. After an injury ended his professional football career, he had come home to face his past. At the time, Travis had been prepared to fight with his father about the choices he’d made, yet somehow they had been able to rip off the bandages and expose their wounded souls to one another. With everything out in the open, Travis and Russ had begun to mend their tattered relationship and were now closer than they had ever been.

Travis shifted his attention to Max. He had been the person who brought them all together. Max had come barreling into Travis’s life with a bounce in his step and a positive outlook on life that most ten year olds didn’t have. The moment Travis looked from the boy to Penelope, he’d known Max was his son. At first, he had been angry that he’d missed out the chance to be a father to Max, but when Penelope explained why she hid his son from him, he understood.

Travis had been so wrapped up in achieving his dream of becoming a star football player that Penelope had been afraid of telling him she was pregnant for fear of him resenting her for taking away his dream. As much as he had wanted to deny her claims, Travis couldn’t. He wouldn’t have abandoned her or their child, but he could admit that a part of him would have grown to resent her for trapping him in a life that he had never wanted — or that he hadn’t thought he wanted. At eighteen, he was too dumb to know that he could have had everything.

None of that mattered now, though. Travis had allowed himself to love Penelope again, to be the man she’d always known he was meant to become. He became Max’s father, someone for him to admire and strive to emulate. Travis’s life had endured a couple of bumps in the road, but in the long run, he was right where he was supposed to be: on a covered bridge, walking his soon-to-be step-mother down the aisle so she could marry his father.

“Wow, honey, you look amazing,” Russ said as Travis and Nadine stopped in front of him.

Travis took Nadine’s hand and placed it in his father’s. Shifting his eyes up to Russ’s, Travis told him, “Just love her.”

“I do, boy, I do,” Russ replied.



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    Thank you so much!! Your support means so much to me, hon.

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