A Sliver of Hope – Karla J. Nellenbach

My twin sister was the only person in the world I thought I’d known inside and out. Apparently, I was wrong.

Twin sisters share a unique bond, one that can’t be broken by miles, time, or even death. Hannah and Hope Morton are no exception. When Hope takes her own life, Hannah loses a sister and a best friend, a catastrophe she isn’t sure she’ll survive herself. 
With her family in ruins, Hannah is slowly disappearing, drowning in a sea of misery. Even her wild, energetic best friend can’t pull her out of her grief. Desperate to help Hannah, her brother comes home from college, bringing his best friend Julian along, the first boy to break Hannah’s heart. None of their efforts are enough to pull Hannah off her self destructive path, though. Julian is the only one who can get through to her, working his way into her frozen soul with cocky remarks and genuine love that warms her from the inside out.
As Hannah works to find answers, she continues to uncover new secrets and people that reveal a side of Hope she had never shared with her twin. Alone now, Hannah must make a decision of her own: move on and start a new life with the people she has left, or let the weight of her grief drag her down with her sister.


This was a freebie over on Amazon and I hadn’t got round to it as I had a few in the queue before it, but I finally started it… and couldn’t put it down.

I hadn’t read the above blurb or any reviews on Goodreads as is my habit, so I actually had no idea what it was about, which I am pleased about as I was as shocked as Hannah when she discovered Hope. From then on, the emotion was literally thick and was pouring off the page as I read the story.

Hannah goes through the stages of grief and Nellenbach portrays each stage brilliantly. So much so, that I found myself crying, getting angry and finally moving on as and when Hannah did. I’m not easily moved, but this book brought out so many emotions, it was like a rollercoaster.

The characters were completely relateable as they all had a common ‘issue’ and were linked even if they weren’t family, but the character of Hope was probably the one character that I was desperate to kow more about, especially when hannah met Billy. – I have to admit, I still don’t quite get the reason behind Hope’s lies to him, but the story was rounded off very very well. Doug was quite possibly my favourite character as I would want him to be my big brother.

All in all, this is an amazingly emotional story that covers a subject that many authors shy away from. It’s tasteful and makes the reader think. Things always look different from the outside. Well worth the read.


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Filed under contemporary, Romance, Suspense, YA

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