Extinguish – J.M. Darhower


One… Two… Three… Four…

I Declare War

Serah always believed the world around her was perfect. As a Power, one of the warrior angels, she has spent her existence defending the innocent from evil. After tragedy strikes, tearing Serah’s brother from her life, she’s given the task of stopping the approaching apocalypse before it’s too late.

Only one thing, though: she has to venture to Hell to do it.

Lucifer—or Luce, as he prefers to be called—has been biding his time in Hell, longing for revenge against those who oh-so-easily cast him into the pit. When the heavenly beauty shows up at his gate, he’s just as captivated by her presence as she becomes of him. The attraction between them is palpable, and Serah’s willpower slowly slips. How can this charming creature, this scarred Archangel, be the one annihilating the world she so loves?

As the war wages on, the world entwined in chaos, Serah starts questioning everything she ever knew. When the light and dark, hot and cold, finally collide, she has to make a choice—a choice that sets her world on fire, black and white exploding into colorful flames.

Serah has questions. She wants answers. Luce just wants to play a game.



I freely admit to buying this because it was on offer and because of the author’s fanfiction stories. I have always been fascinated with archangels and the fall of Lucifer so this story sucked me in faster than I could even spell ‘archangel’.

I’ve read books and have seen TV shows that touch on the subject of archangels and the fall of Lucifer, but none have really shown them i the way that Darhower does. Lucifer, Luce, is by his own admission, a bit of a dick, but he comes across as more ‘human’ than Michael does. At least he is able to provide reasoning as to why he questioned God’s will the way he did. Because of this, I found him instantly likeable and it was easy to forget that he was in fact, Satan.

Serah is also a very relateable character. She spends her time with human children and helps them through life. Her brother Samuel enjoys being with humans also, but wants to experience the things they do and helps Serah do the same.

Michael is… a bit of a jobsworth. Yes, he’s the most powerful of the archangels and is charged with ‘dealing’ with those who lose their faith (such as Lucifer), but he isn’t perfect. Afterall, lust is one of the deadly sins, yet he and Serah often indulge. This is, in my opinion, his main redeeming feature. The one chink in his prefect armour.

The more time Serah spends with Luce, the more like him she becomes in that she is able to smell, feel and cry, but when he tricks her, she realises exactly what it is to be human, or as human as she can whilst still an angel.

I can’t express how much I loved this story and it felt longer than a novella – in a good way. I wanted to keep reading, even after it was over.


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