Alaskan Ambush – JJ Ellis – Release Day Promo


“…I still love you.”

 A two year relationship that ended because of a difference in lifestyle left Olivia Mannon and Alex Paige missing each other. Though they still loved each other, they lost all contact.  

A sprinkling of matchmaking dust, a cruise to Alaska, and a float plane tour of Misty Fjord National Monument brings them back into each other’s lives; for better or for worse. 

Can Olivia change her ‘suite at a five star resort’ lifestyle to agree with Alex’s ‘camping outdoors’ way of life, or will they lose each other again? This time forever…


Where to buy:

Amazon (ebook) * Createspace * Amazon (Paperback)

Author Info:

JJ Ellis is first and foremost the mother to five children, four girls and one boy. She is also a wife, blogger and now author. As a Communication Studies major in college she never once thought she would be a writer. She wanted to be a celebrity publicist, but not a writer. Then one day, when she was in her thirties, she suddenly had ideas that would just not leave her alone. Now eight years later, and with a lot of stopping and starting, she feels she is exactly where she ought to be!

Alaskan Ambush, her second novel, is the second in a series about the Mannon children and their matchmaking mother.

She lives with her husband, kids and one crazy mutt in Casper, WY. She enjoys reading, writing, computing and graphic design. She looks forward to writing many more romance novels with wonderful, loving characters.

Find her on Facebook and Twitter for more info


“Alex, I don’t think we should talk about this. My life is fine, yours is fine. Let’s just leave it at that.” The three hardest sentences she would ever utter.

“If that’s what you want,” he whispered. “When you’re done with your soup I’ll take you back to the ship.” He’d been prepared to fight for her, but now for some reason, his fight was gone.

“I’m done, I guess we should go now.”

“Okay.” He answered.

The ride to the dock wasn’t a pleasant one. The tension was thicker than the fog that rolls in off the ocean. Neither of them had the courage to say much of anything so they rode along in awkward silence. When Alex stopped the truck, he reached over and grabbed her hand. “Today meant a lot to me Olivia, if you ever need anything, you know where to find me.”

“Thank you.” A bittersweet smile crossed her face. “Today meant a lot to me too.”

“Give me your phone, Doll,” Alex demanded.

She didn’t question it, she just handed it over. He typed something into hers and then something into his and handed it back.

He leaned over and kissed her gently. “Goodbye again, Olivia.”

“Goodbye Alex,” she whispered. She hopped down out of the truck and sprinted across the street and when she turned to wave goodbye, he was next to his vehicle waving back at her.

Olivia made it across the gangplank and through security before the tears came and she was blissfully alone in the elevator as it climbed to deck six.


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