My Summer Marriage – Estelle Mars


When Hayley Martin sneaks away from her secret life as an erotica writer to a beach in Mexico, her life changes forever. Thanks to her publishing house, the general public has never seen the face of the world renowned submissive author who took the literacy world by storm.
Dillon McGraw has had to hide his true self in order to become one of Hollywood’s A-listers. The world wasn’t ready to know of his lifestyle choices as a Dominant.
When these two find themselves together on a private beach, will they give into their natural desires? After a night of drinking, they get more than they bargained for.
Can an accidental marriage fix or break these two when they barely remember who they really are?

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of reading BDSM stories, but I wouldn’t really class this as BDSM.  Ultimately, it’s a romance story with a small element of that chosen lifestyle.  That aside, I adored this novella.  The characters are instantly likeable (except maybe Jillian – for good reason) and are a good match for each other.  The story may have been a little predictable, but it doesn’t make it boring.

I had to giggle about Hayley being an erotic writer releasing a trilogy of books gaining her worldwide fame, particularly with erotica suddenly becoming such a talked about genre of literature lately.

Dillon is a bit swoonworthy as the fame reluctant actor hiding away from his fans and the rumours about his sexuality.

What follows is a sometimes funny and sometime anger or tear inducing tale of misunderstanding, lost love and hope.  I highly recommend it.


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Filed under contemporary, Novella, Romance

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