The Apartment – B.F. Betty

This was a free on Kindle book that I had been looking forward to reading for a while.

This novella was full of suspense from beginning to end.  Eve and Sebastian were likeable even though we had little back stories as you would get n a full length novel, but that simply added to the mystery of what was happening in the story.

*Spoiler Alert* The only criticism I would have would be that the very well written sex scene wasn’t really needed.  I understand why it was part of the story as it showed the attraction between the two main characters, but for me personally it didn’t add to the story as much as it would have had it been a full length novel.  Also, there were a very few minor spelling and grammatical errors that I had spotted but they did not distract from the reading.*End of Spoiler*

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and it took me a matter of hours to read it as I needed to know what was going to happen next.  I wanted to know who ‘R’ was and I wasn’t disappointed at how the story was all tied together at the end.


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Filed under contemporary, Mystery, Novella, Romance, Suspense

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