A Thin Dark Line (ARC) – Emma Elliot

Blurb fromGoodreads:

When Cormac O’Malley–Dogwood, Ohio’s former bad boy and a man just released from prison–returns and shows up on her doorstep, librarian Eloise Carmichael hires him as a handyman despite warnings and misgivings. After a body is found at the library, Eloise becomes obsessed with the mysteries surrounding a murder that took place fifteen years ago. But as the body count rises and family secrets are brought to light, Eloise and Cormac realize the only hope for redemption–and love–lies in each other

When I first began reading this ARC, the book hadn’t yet being published.  I had to put it down for some reason or another, and finally got back to it a couple of days later and realised it had been published in that time.

Although the first couple of chapters felt like a slow burn, the pace and story soon picked up.  The character of Eloise is extremely likeable as are her friends.    More importantly, they are all believable (which can be rare when characters are so… nice).  It can often be hard to keep up with the introduction of so many characters in such a short space of time, but Elliot manages to present almost the entire town of Dogwood without confusing the reader.

Once the story got going, I flew through it, wanting to know what was going to happen next, often with my heart in my mouth at the audacity at some of the characters.   As the story unfolds, I was more and more drawn into it.  I literally couldn’t put it down.  My favourite couple of lines, which also explains the title are:

“‘When doe the search for justice become mere revenge? What’s the difference between the two?”

He was silent for several moments. “A thin, dark line,” he said”

This is definitely a book I would buy if I picked it up in a book shop. I hope a physical copy is released soon as I will want to add it to my bookshelves.

Buy the book here (Kindle Edition – I can’t find a paper copy as yet)

cover taken from goodreads



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2 responses to “A Thin Dark Line (ARC) – Emma Elliot

  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed “A Thin, Dark Line”. I work for the publisher (The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House), and saw that you were interested in obtaining a paper copy of the book. It is available through our website, but not through Amazon UK yet. Here’s the link: http://ph.thewriterscoffeeshop.com/books/detail/62. Enjoy!

    • mouse555

      Hi Christa,

      Thanks. I’ll definitely get a copy when I have a bit more money. $17 is a bit out of my budget at the moment.

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