A Season of Change

I recently started to follow a small, independent publishing house called Renaissance Romance Publishing. They have a selection of books for sale either as a physical or as an ebook with a good number of titles due to be released soon.

A Season of Change is a novella that was originally part of an anthology of three novellas called “Summer Confections” that has since been published as a stand alone book.

This particular book was available as a free e book on amazon. Even though I hate reading e books, I was actually quite excited to read this one.

An easy read, it took me a matter of a couple of hours to read (split by a half decent night’s sleep). Just because I flew through it, doesn’t diminish the writing at all.

The main character of Meredith is very likeable as are the supporting cast of her father and her childhood friends who show up at Camp Willow Pines for a reunion.

I don’t want to give too much away about the story because I think you should read it for yourself. If you want a well written escape, then this is the story for you.

Although the story has a fairly fast pace, it never feels rushed due to the history that the characters have, particularly Jonathon and Meredith.

All in all it’s a very sweet story that gives us all hope that true love conquers all.

I can’t wait til I have more money as I WILL buy the paperback of the anthology.

20120828-122338 AM.jpg



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2 responses to “A Season of Change

  1. Lisa Bilbrey

    Thanks! I am thrilled that you liked it!

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