The Truth About Melody Browne

I’d read a couple of Lisa Jewell’s books before and got a copy of this free with a magazine, but because I had gone off chick lit, I never read it.

I don’t know why because it was brilliant. Nothing like her previous books. She manages to extract Melody’s tale in such a way that you just have to keep reading to know what she finds out about her past next.

I honestly felt as if I were walking alongside Melody on her journey into the past as she tried to make sense of the flashes of memories that invaded her mind and as she slowly began to put them into order.

Some of the subjects within the plot are quite hard to read about, but the way in which Jewell deals with them is sensitive and with respect.

I highly recommend this book, not just to chick lit lovers, but to anyone who likes a well written story that unfolds layer by layer.

I could see this being a brilliant film.

20120603-025702 PM.jpg



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2 responses to “The Truth About Melody Browne

  1. I’ll add it to my to-read pile. 🙂

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