Cover Reveal – Promise Me Once – Paige Weaver

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Once with him was never enough.

I am the girl you dislike. The girl you snub at parties. I am the one who flirts with men and knows no boundaries. I am the one you whisper about. The one who has no rules. I am the one who takes and uses without any regret or excuses.

On the outside I am perfect. I have money, looks, and a personality that makes people stand up and take notice, but on the inside I am broken and hurting.

Then I met Cash Marshall.

He wasn’t what I needed, but I wanted him anyway. It was Cash’s carved, muscular body I thought about. It was his cool, confident touch I craved. I swore he would only be a one-night stand, another distraction to take away the pain.

But then our world changed.

Our story is not about love. Love is pretty and sweet and full of niceties. Those no longer exist. Our story is about finding each other again in a world gone crazy. It’s about surviving the impossible when war ravaged our land. It’s about saving each other from the darkness and finding out just how strong we could be.

And maybe, just maybe, along the way, we’ll find love…

Once and for all.

Releasing April 19th, 2015

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Promise Me Darkness“He was my darkness and I was his light.

We couldn’t exist without each other.”

For me, life was simple. I went to school and studied. I spent time with my friends and stayed out of trouble. I didn’t drink or swear and I only dated gentlemen. I was the typical good girl with a bright future. My world seemed perfect.

But that was about to change.

Ryder Delaney was the one imperfection in my life. He was the bad boy, the black sheep, the one your mother always warned you about. He had only one hard-and-fast rule – Don’t fall in love.

But some rules were meant to be broken.

We were best friends, inseparable since childhood despite our differences. I knew the real man hiding behind the tattoos and bad attitude. He knew all my secrets and dreams. But he didn’t know there was one thing I wanted and couldn’t have…him.

But sometimes Fate has a way of intervening. Soon our world collapsed. War erupted. Darkness prevailed. Alone and on the run, our only goal was to survive and to ignore the feelings we had for each other. But love is powerful…

and so is the darkness.




Promise Me Light

The epic conclusion of New York Times bestselling book Promise Me Darkness.

“I’m darkness, Maddie. Stay away from men like me. You’ll only get hurt.”

At one time my life was simple. Easy. But that was before the war. Now I was no longer an average college student. I was a survivor. A woman living in a ravaged world. My future was not bright and my life was far from perfect. The war had taken so much from me… but it wasn’t finished yet. It wanted more.

It wanted my heart. My soul. The one person I couldn’t live without.

It wanted Ryder Delaney. My best friend. The bad boy. The one person who could fight like no other and love me like no one else. He was the father of my baby. I watched him walk away one hot summer day and I prayed he would return. I needed him like I needed air to breathe and water to drink. Without him I was lost. A light without her darkness.

Until he returns, I’ll wait for him. And I believe he will return because love is powerful…

And so is the light calling him home.



Paige Weaver

Paige Weaver is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Many hours of her childhood were spent getting lost between the pages of a book, disappearing into other worlds. That turned into a love for writing at a young age. She lives in Texas with her husband and two children.

Find out about future books and connect with her on:

Follow her on Twitter: @AuthorPWeaver
Google+: PaigeWeaverAuthor

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Blog Tour – Shadows Have Gone – Lissa Bryan


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Shadows Have Gone

Book 3 of End of All Things Series

by Lissa Bryan


Release Date: March 26 , 2015

Genre: FICTION / Dystopian/ Romance / General

ISBN e-book: 978-1-61213-375-1

Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PH


Carly Daniels knows what it is to suffer loss. She knows what it is to sacrifice. In the two years since a pandemic virus—known only as the Infection—decimated humanity, she’s made choices she never could have imagined. She’s condoned violence in the name of peace and done the unthinkable in the name of mercy. But with Justin at her side, she’s also learned there’s nothing she can’t face and nothing she wouldn’t do to protect those she loves.

But now another threat has arrived in the form of a uniformed man driving an army truck, claiming to represent the remnant of the United States military. Someone has set their sights on their community . . . and on Justin. The struggle to defend their little homeland is far from over, and the visitors may have brought more danger with them than just their weapons.

The shadows are closing in. Carly has to find out whether she has the strength to stand on her own when all of her support has fallen away. What remains when the shadows have gone?



“There’s other news,” Justin said. “We made contact with a man driving an army truck.”
“The army?”
“Someone with the army?”
“There’s an army?”
“Whose army?” Pete’s voice rang above the excited bab-ble.
“That’s the right question,” Justin said. “Whose army? He might have been wearing a uniform and claiming affiliation, but I have my doubts.”
“He claimed to be from the US Army?”
Claimed,” Justin said, stressing the word hard. “And his claim had a few inconsistencies. I was in the Army, and I know. Whatever this guy is a part of, it’s not the army as we knew it.”
“What did he want?”
“Said he was out scouting and saw the smoke. He agreed to leave a message outside of Clayton if his people want to get in contact with us again. And I would imagine they will.”Shadows-Have-Gone-3D-Paperback-eReader
“Last thing we need is another fight,” Grady said. He took off his hat and wiped the sweat from his forehead. “You think they know where we are?”
“General area. We wouldn’t be that hard to find if someone was really searching for us. If they’re really army, then yes, they know exactly where we are as we speak. But as I said, I have my doubts.”
“Think it will come to a fight?” Pete asked.
Justin scratched his chin. “I really can’t say. What I can say is that we always need to be prepared for it, prepared to defend what is ours.”
“What if they really are the army? Would we be America again?”
“Wait. When did we stop being America?”
“America is dead.” This came from David, his voice as blunt as a dropped stone. “We all saw it die two years ago. I don’t know what we are now, but the Constitution sure ain’t in effect anymore. There’s no government. There’s no social contract holding us together. That’s what America was, you know—a collective agree-ment of the people. Now we’re just—” He sliced a hand through the air.
“If the army is still active, that would mean there is a gov-ernment, which would make this still America,” Grady said. “They’d be the government’s representatives, establishing order.”
Justin shook his head. “You’re thinking way too far ahead. Even if they are US Army—and that’s a very big if—they don’t have control of the whole country. There is no centralized government, no law enforcement. They’re not coming to rescue us.”

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Finally… the series comes to and end, and what a rollercoaster it has been.

Picking up exactly where book two leaves off, we find Carly being her usual hopeful self, whilst Justin is naturally cautious. He knows there’s no easy fix to the world they are adapting to survive in. Having said that, their small town/settlement are doing more than just surviving, they are actually living.

Throughout this book, all of the characters have hard decisions to make, ones that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. They also, especially the younger characters, learn some very important lessons, which in some ways, only an apocalyptic or dystopian world can teach. Such as Kaden losing his best friend. I expected him to crumble, but he doesn’t. This sad event helps him begin to open up to Carly more too, which is wonderful to read.

One of my favourite moments throughout the entire book was the conversation between Carly and Pearl. Throughout the first two books, I was suspicious of Pearl. I never knew why, and half expected her to turn on them all. I think I felt this way because it becomes clear that Pearl doesn’t trust herself. Due to events in her past, she has become closed off and almost cold, not allowing herself to grow close to anyone. Her back story is heartbreaking, but finally talking about it proves how strong she is, to herself.

While I laughed, especially at Justin’s flashbacks, I spent most of the second half of this book with tears in my eyes. The past catches up with Justin, and for a while he thinks he can ignore it, but he knows it won’t last forever. Once he realises this, and decides to meet it head on, I had my heart in my mouth. I knew what I wanted to happen, but naturally, in this harsh world, things are never easy.

Shadows have Gone is the perfect ending to an amazing series. I hope there are more stories in this world, because I’m not quite ready to let them go. Justin and Carly’s story may be over(ish) for now, but there are other characters I would love to know more about, and how they arrived in Colby.

Well worthy of 5 stars!!

Silver Stars 5




Lissa Bryan is an astronaut, renowned Kabuki actress, Olym-pic pole vault gold medalist, Iron Chef champion, and scientist who recently discovered the cure for athlete’s foot…though only in her head. Real life isn’t so interesting, which is why she spends most of her time writing.

She is the author of four other novels, Ghostwriter, The End of All Things, its sequel, The Land of the Shadows, and Under These Restless Skies.








Praise for Shadows Have Gone

“I laughed, I cried, I was gently amused, but what could I expect? Times are tough, no one is trustworthy and yet there is a sweet innocence about some characters that hit you right between the eyes; they are always so positive and wanting to see the best in others. Once again, Lissa Bryan has taken the handoff from a previous book and run with it at breakneck speeds with barely a misstep in sight!” – Dianne

Goodreads Review


After a terrible virus ravages the planet, Carly Daniels, one of the few survivors, hides in her apartment in Juneau trying to survive the best she can with only occasional forays to gather food. With her is Sam, a wolf puppy she found starving on the streets. He becomes her companion and a reason to continue when giving up sometimes seems like the more attractive option. Still dazed with shock and grief, she hopes for the world to go back to normal soon.
She is discovered by Justin, an ex-soldier who is intent on making his way to Florida before the winter sets in. Justin coaxes her out of her hiding place and convinces her to join him on his journey, because a warmer climate will be their best chance against the extremes of Mother Nature.
Together, they begin a perilous journey through a nation laid to waste by the disaster. Challenges abound along the way. The weather, injury, and shortage of supplies all help to slow them down. In time, they discover that they aren’t the only survivors. Some are friendly but some have had their minds destroyed by the high fever. Then there are those who simply take what they want, leaving Carly and Justin with no choice but to defend what is theirs.
But their journey is not without joy and love. Together, they face every struggle, including an unplanned pregnancy. Despite the perils of bringing a child into a world of chaos, their baby is a new beginning for themselves and a symbol of hope for the other survivors they find along the way.
This is the sto-ry of their journey to find a place to begin a new life, and a home in each oth-er.



Tales from the End Book 1.5

The Horsemen
L.A.’s mayor has declared quarantine to try to halt the spread of the Infection. Pearl sets off across the city to buy supplies, but already the world is changing. Something strange is in the air. The Horsemen are coming …
When Veronica’s mother doesn’t come home from work and no one answers the phone when she calls for help, a nine-year-old girl is thrown into the chaos of a world coming to an end. Veronica decides it’s up to her to find her family. “Veronica” is the story of a little girl’s courage in the face of the end of all things.“I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud”
They called her Shadowfax– the mare Carly and Justin found on their travels. But be-fore she was found by Carly, the retired dressage horse was known as Cloud. An unu-sual tale of the end, told through the eyes of a confused and lonely horse, left in her pasture.Birthday
(A previously-published bonus story.) Carly knows Justin has never celebrated his birthday, and after society crumbled, no one knows what date it is, anyway. But she wants to do something special for him. Celebrating the little things helps them keep hope alive, and as a blizzard rages outside, a small gesture of love warms their home.
Tales of courage, tales of survival… Tales from the End.

The Land of The Shadow Book 2

After surviving the Infection and a perilous journey through the wasteland that was once the United States, Carly and Justin have found a safe home in the isolated town of Colby.Even so, balancing the duties of survival and a growing family isn’t easy. As they emerge as leaders, they face difficult questions about justice in a lawless land, basic human rights, and freedom in a world where strength defines worth. More than ever, they have to rely on one another for strength and support during the darkest of times.

The Crisis is far from over. Their fences won’t keep the world out forever, and a new threat is emerging—a gang of predators who see the town as easy pickings. When danger looms over Colby, Carly must decide how far she’ll go to protect those she loves.

It’s a journey down the long and broken road through The Land of the Shadow.




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Promo Post – Hotel of Death – Cynthia Fridsma

Title of book: Hotel of Death: the chosen one

Official genre of book: horror/thriller/fantasy

Publication Date: January 12, 2015

glitterbase (9)
Richard McKenna is the renowned author of two bestsellers, but now he is suffering from writer’s block. However, he must write his book within three weeks, if he is to marry beautiful Glory Maryland. Unfortunately, Glory’s husband wants to prevent this and starts a cat and mouse game of life and death.In order to survive Richard flees to Boston, but he discovers his life is still at stake when an assassin waits for him in his hotel room. Saved by the feds, he discovers that one of them is a vampire and they seem to have their own agenda. They claim to help him, but can they be trusted? Or are they using him for their own purposes? And since when can any vampire be trusted? More importantly: will he survive? And what is all this talk about an ancient curse and the book of the dead?

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With a razor-sharp knife, the Reaper cut his hand. He caught his blood in a test tube and stared at the woman whom he had tied down on the table, she had a gag in her mouth to keep her quiet. She tried to pull at her bindings, which only excited him even more. The woman would be his dinner, but first he needs to have some of her blood while she was still intact.
“It’s all okay,” he almost tenderly rubbed his hands through her hair, and then he used his knife to cut in her neck. A tortured groan came from her mouth, despite the gag. A few tears flowed down her cheeks while he gathered her blood in a new test tube. Then he gently wiped her tears and put a plaster on the wound. The Reaper turned his back to her and mingled her blood with his own. Through the microscope, he observed a small blood sample to see how his blood corrupted hers. For a moment, a few cells colored black. To him, it was the signal for a new ingredient: silver powder. The cells were now all pretty red, with a silvery sheen. Satisfied, he created five pills and a cream from the rest. The pills were for Harry. The cream was for him. He gently removed the plaster that he had put on his left cheek. His skin felt soft and smooth, like it is supposed to. The drug apparently not only stopped the growth of a tumor, but when used as a cream it restored damaged skin. He could earn lots of money in the cosmetics. He smeared the cream over his face and looked at the woman who looked back at him with bright, frightened eyes – the eyes of a deer, a very frightened deer. His stomach growled a bit. He walked over to her and untied the gag.
“Please, let me go,” she pleaded. Tears flowed down her cheeks.
He just laughed. “Let you go? But if I let you go, then I’ll starve to death.”
“What?” she asked with wide, startled eyes. She couldn’t say much more because he leaned forward and plunged his teeth into her neck. She struggled to get away while he felt the hot, sticky liquid in his mouth. Her struggle excited him as he pushed his teeth deeper into her flesh; he heard her scream. It sounded like a love song in his ears while he started to suck the wound and felt the life slipping out of her. Her struggle began to weaken – it’s time to stop drinking; he realized. He looked down at her, as she lay weakened on the table, and she was more dead than alive. He never felt so good as he wiped off his bloody mouth – she’s going to be a great partner.
“I have a present for you,” he smiled and bit his own wrist. The woman shook her head and moaned weakly. With an almost devilish pleasure, he pressed his bloody wrist in her mouth. “Drink,” he ordered her. At first, she kept her mouth closed. With his thumb, he forced her mouth open and pressed his bloody wrist on her mouth again. The blood trickled down her throat and finally she started to suck his wound. He felt himself getting all excited again; she brought him in ecstasy while she sucked his wound. The blood flowed through his veins into her mouth – enough!
He pulled his hand back. Again, he bit into her neck and he kept drinking until she stopped moving. Until he was sure she was dead. However, he knew she would soon be reborn as a vampire. For a moment, his thoughts wandered off to Sybil. She saved his life by turning him into a vampire, but she also betrayed him!
“Very soon we will stand face to face Sybil, and then we’ll see who the loser is!” He cut the rope that he used to tie up his victim and went to bed. The exchange would take place in a few hours, and he wanted to be there. He expected that by the time he got up, that his skin would be fully recovered. Then he could mingle between the day-trippers once again without drawing too much attention on himself and the cream itches, which annoyed him, but he saw it as a part of the healing process.

 Amazon US

Amazon CA

Barnes & Nobles


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Cover reveal – Rundown – Teresa Michaels

Curveball Series #2
by Teresa Michaels
Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations


Breanne Sullivan never expected to find love again. Allowing herself to move on wasn’t easy, and now it may be too late. Determined to give herself a second chance, she will go to any lengths to prove her love to Drew. If only she could find him.Desperate to numb his heartache in the wake of Breanne’s rejection, with something other than women and booze, Drew Scott packs his bags for the West Coast. Distance and a fresh start are just what he needs to heal the wounds caused by the only woman to ever captivate his heart.

But when the past and present collide in an unexpected way, Breanne and Drew quickly learn that things aren’t always what they seem. Caught between solving the mysteries that haunt them and getting the happily ever after they deserve, the two once again find themselves at the center of a deadly conspiracy that could destroy them both.

Answers come at a dangerous price. Sacrifices must be made in order to protect the ones they love. Can Breanne prove her love to Drew before its too late? Or will opposing forces interfere and destroy any chance of them having a future together?

Meet the Author

Teresa Michaels lives in the New England area with her husband and children.  Curveball is her debut novel.


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Release Tour – Fallen Idol – Nikki Lynn Barrett

 Title of book: Fallen Idol
Name of Editor: Robert Barrett
Name of cover designer: Robert Barrett
Page # or word count: 100k
Official genre of book: contemporary romantic suspense
Content warning: Adult content- sex scene
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What goes up must come down…

Kyra Sanders had a promising career in country music in her teen years. She gained popularity and fame, riding high atop the the charts. Then one deadly accident changed things, sending her spiraling downward to the point she went into a hiatus from music.
Six years later, Kyra’s making her return to the music scene. With an album in the works and a new song on the radio, her career is back on track, until a call from Texas with news of an accident forces her to halt her plans.
Matt Greer is working through the aftermath of his ex-wife’s abandonment when she chose to leave him and their fourteen year old son to pursue her own musical dreams. He’s had enough of troubled musicians and the havoc they bring to his life. Kyra surprises him in a good way, but it doesn’t mean he wants anything to do with a singer who comes to town with trouble on her trail.
It’s hard to avoid each other in a small town, especially when their families are close. Matt should stay away from the woman who could lead danger right to their town, and it’s possible she already has, but he can’t help how drawn he becomes to her.
The sparks ignite, but danger lurks in the distance, only getting closer as time goes on. For two people who want different things out of life, it’s possible to find healing together…
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“I know it’s a far cry from the parties you’re used to.” Matt leaned close to talk near her ear.

“That’s a good thing,” Kyra snapped, immediately regretting it. Was he going on his judgmental kick again?
“Kyra-” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “I misjudge you once, and you always think that’s what I’m doing?”
She was about to apologize when the song changed from an upbeat one to a slow country ballad. Kyra laughed. This was her song! “Seriously? Did you put them up to this?”
Matt shook his head. “Nope. I never suggested the music. But since this is your song, literally, I think we should dance.” He held out a hand.
She stared down at it. “Are we supposed to dance?” So he knew her song. It surprised her, but made her feel good, too.
“Dancing is permitted. We’re here to help out, and there’s nothing that says we can’t dance. Hey look, Blaine and Randy are out on the floor, too.” He gestured. “Come on.”
She stepped into his embrace and swayed to the music. Her music. This was a first. Kyra had never danced with a sexy man to her own song before. His arms tightened around her waist.
“So how old were you when this song came out?” Matt whispered in her ear.
“Sixteen,” she replied, glancing around the room as they moved. A few yards away from them were Andrew and Daisy. So far, she’d handled the crowd pretty well. Good.
“Just two years older than Andrew is now, and you had multiple number ones already.” Matt mused.
“What’s that like?”
She tensed, not sure how to answer.
“Does it bother you that I’m asking? It’s out of curiosity. I’m not judging or anything. I really want to know. It’s interesting. Here I am, dancing with you during my son’s first date. At the age he is now, you broke out in the business. He wasn’t even in kindergarten when you had your biggest hits on the radio.”
She looked up at Matt. Kyra was tall at 5’8, and Matt had a good four or five inches on her. “It’s a feeling I can’t explain. I never expected to take off the way I did. I was different as a child. I always had a melody playing in my mind. I couldn’t sit still. I’d tap out a beat, or I’d hum. I had song lyrics pop up in my mind that needed to be put to music.”
“I know all about that. I remember the first time I met you.” There was a twinkle in his eye.
“Yeah, I annoyed you because I tapped out a beat on your dashboard.”
“Then you hummed.” Matt laughed, then his grin faded. “It wasn’t so much annoying as I was nervous about the storm. Adding sounds I’m not used to didn’t help.”
“And you didn’t like me.” Kyra wished she’d never said that.
Matt lowered his gaze. “It wasn’t quite that.”
“No?” Did she really have to ruin the good night by bringing up their awkward first meeting? Why, why, why?
Matt pulled her closer. “Okay, fine. Maybe a little, and I regret it. Let’s just say there’s a history with me and musicians, and I took it out on the wrong girl.”

Amazon US ~ Amazon CA


glitterbase (1)
I’m an avid lover of books. I’ve been writing as far back as I can remember, completing my first “book” by fifth grade in one of those one subject spiral notebooks. I have a passion for music, photography, jewelry and all things creative. I live in Arizona with my husband and son, but dream of being somewhere much colder and stormier. For now, I’ll have to live that life through my characters and stick it out with the summer heat.
glitterbase (2)

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Cover Reveal – Claddagh & Chaos – Cayce Poponea

Claddagh & Chaos
Shamrocks & Secrets Series #2
by Cayce Poponea
Publication Date: April 11, 2015
Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations


Shamrocks left us with Patrick posing an intriguing question. What exactly happened during those twenty five years? We know that they got their happily ever after, but how did Patrick and Christi get there? Could love have a shelf life?  

Meet the Author

Cayce Poponea currently resides in Southern Georgia, with her three dogs and wonderful husband. A true romantic at heart, she writes the type of fiction that she loves to read. When she isn’t setting behind her computer screen, creating yet another heart stopping, page turning novel. You can find her enjoying down time with her family.

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Review – Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover


When Tate Collins finds airline pilot Miles Archer passed out in front of her apartment door, it is definitely not love at first sight. In fact, they wouldn’t even consider themselves friends. But what they do have is an undeniable mutual attraction.

He doesn’t want love and she doesn’t have time for a relationship, but their chemistry cannot be ignored. Once their desires are out in the open, they realise they have the perfect set-up, as long as Tate can stick to two rules – never ask about the past and don’t expect a future.

Tate convinces herself she’s ok with it, but soon realises that it’s harder than she thought. Will she be able to say no to her sexy pilot when he lives just next door?



Silver Stars 5

I have been meaning to read this book for… forever. I’ve seen people rave about it both online and in person. They have laughed, cried, and pimped it out like crazy. It wasn’t until a friend gave me a copy of the book when she realised she had 2 copies, that I dove in. It took me a matter of about five hours to read the book in it’s entirety.

Tate – I loved her. She was no nonsense and cared for people. Maybe she cared too much, but that’s the way she is. I adored the interaction she has with Cap. Their unlikely friendship was the humour needed to lighten the heartache and angst of the rest of the story, and it never once felt fake or forced. Hoover writes very natural dialogue which shows especially between these two.

Miles – I have to admit, for the first half of the books, I hated to love him. Yes, he was gorgeous and stuff, but let’s be real. He was an ass to Tate. Yes, he never lied to her and was always honest about how he felt about their relationship from the moment it began, but I still wanted to punch him now and then.  The flashbacks are heartbreaking, simply because you as the reader knows something bad is going to happen. It has to be something bad to make Miles the way he is – and these are the main reason I kept reading, I needed to know what was happening in his head and whether Tate would help him through his issues.

While the ending is a little predictable, the journey on which Hoover takes the reader to get there is wonderful, and to me that is important. Yes, we may well be able to guess how a book is going to end, but if we are still compelled to turn the page to see how the characters get there, surely that author has done their job well, right? (Oooh, I may put a post about this on my author blog)

I’ve only read one book by Hoover before this, and that was a novella. I love her easy style of writing, and can see how she has become so popular in what some see as a short space of time (three years isn’t in the grand scheme of things, but she’s also not an overnight success). It’s easy to become addicted to her books, and if I’m not careful, I will splurge all the monies on them!

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Release Day – Eden – Georgia Le Carre




I’ve been such a fool. Such a fool. He saw me coming and tied me up in knots. And I let him. After Vegas, my heart and mind have been thrown into complete disarray. Is it really possible that what we had— all that blazing, unquenchable passion—was just an illusion?
I know I’ve lost his trust, but somehow I must find a way to repair the damage I have caused and find my way back to his heart.
I have to make it right… whatever it takes.


She is my wife now, but I know she’s not mine. Not really. Not properly. Not the way I want. You see, I want it all. Every last bit of her: heart, mind, body and soul.
And I’m prepared to move heaven and earth to make that happen. This is my mission and my promise. Watch me make her mine or die trying…

Muscular bodybuilder guy doing exercises with dumbbells over bla


Purchase Links:……



Short Teaser:

I lean back and look into his eyes. They are hazy, almost smoky with sensuality and seductive promise. I run my hand over the material of his crotch. Indeed the man is rock hard. My body instantly responds. My mouth dries. I lick my lips.`


About this author
7266555Georgia Le Carre writes contemporary and adult romance and is the bestselling author of the Amazon # 1 bestseller,the billionaire banker series.

She lives in a little old 19th century romantic cottage, surrounded by the most magical garden, filled with fruit and walnut trees and teeming with wildlife.

Her diet includes all things chocolate and a voracious appetite for Romance reads, particularly new authors with a fresh voice.

When she is not feeding words into Amy, her precious laptop, she can be found lost in a long walk in the woods, particularly on moonlit nights; and often with the man of her dreams.

Want More Hot Romances?

Click on the link below to receive news of my latest releases, fabulous giveaways and exclusive content. …more




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Review – Starcrossed – Josephine Angelini


Destiny brought them together.
The gods will keep them apart.

When shy, awkward Helen Hamilton meets Lucas Delos for the first time, she thinks two things: the first, that he is the most ridiculously beautiful boy she has seen in her life; the second, that she wants to kill him with her bare hands.
An ancient curse means Lucas and Helen are destined to loathe one another. But sometimes love is stronger than hate, and not even the gods themselves can prevent what will happen next…



Silver Stars 5

I bought this book on a whim. The blurb intrigued me and when I posted a photo of it on facebook, I was told by a couple of friends that it was a great read. I have to admit, I was dreading it being a rehash of Romeo and Juliet – I hate that play – but it wasn’t, even if the theme of ‘forbidden love’ isn’t a new one.

I started reading it, and have to admit, I was very confused for most of the first quarter of the book. I couldn’t work out why Helen and Lucas hated each other, and usually I’m quite good at working things like that out. Not only that, Helen’s attitude towards her friends and the way it changed so drastically utterly confused me. That’s what kept me reading. I needed to know what the hell was going on; and I have to admit, I didn’t expect what happened.

Being a bit of a history buff, the way Angelini wove in modern day with ancient myths fascinated me. It actually made me want to read more about the characters she has utilised in this story – not just her books, but actual non fiction ones also. The way she has used mythology to tell a modern day story isn’t a new approach, but I thoroughly enjoyed the way she did it. Trickle feeding the reader to keep them engaged isn’t easy as many readers are able to predict twists and turns, especially if they read the genre a lot.

The characters are realistic, well as realistic as myths and legends can be, and I found myself both liking and disliking them in equal measures. They had faults and weren’t ‘cookie cutter’ characters. To me, this is always a good thing because I want to make the mistakes alongside them and then learn from them. Helen and Lucas in particular did this. The supporting cast did also, which emphasised the fact that they were normal teenagers in an abnormal setting.

I can’t wait to go out and get book two to read. This is a series I will definitely read more than once.


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Promo Tour – Gregory Schroeder



Published February 17, 2015
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Wexler studied the terrain through the cracks between the boulders behind which he sat, propped against a flat slab of granite. His tan polo shirt was plastered with sweat; a stray oak leaf stuck in his short gray hair.
The late afternoon sun dappled the scene in a deceptively peaceful pattern. Somewhere out there was the shooter who had barely missed a few short minutes ago. Wexler saw nothing out of the ordinary.
Undergrowth disturbed only by the slight movement of the wind, trees likewise gently and naturally moving. A sparrow landed in a bush 50 feet away and noisily burst into conversation.
Wexler carefully levered himself up and through a slightly larger gap between the rock and moved quickly another 30 feet behind a clump of chokecherries. Just that short burst brought more sweat and hastened his breathing – damn, he was more out of shape than he thought.
Peering through the chokecherries he saw a cardinal’s brilliant red plumage suddenly burst out of hiding in a stately elm and two smaller, more nondescript birds at the same time from the same tree. Tracing the line of the trunk to the ground he saw what he hoped: a human figure clad head-to-toe in a camouflage jumper.
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gschroederGreg was born and spent many years enjoying the little things in the Great Midwest. He has, however, spent the last 30 years on the east coast in suburbia. This, plus a diverse work career including teaching high school science, working for Publisher’s Clearing House, owning his own used book store, and, now, working in Health Care IT, all add perspective and diversity to his writing.
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52 Haiku
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